1, A fluorine Mae dust bag filter speeds up to 1.0m / min or more, and low running resistance, abrasion resistance and fracture resistance and peel strength has increased significantly, the use of temperature up to 260 degrees, the use of Teflon treatment, extensive used in steel, non-ferrous metallurgy, chemical industry, carbon black, building materials, electricity sector.

2, NOMEX dust bag use temperature of 204 degrees, dust flue gas can only be separated by filtration at a higher temperature than the acid dew point of the state, the use of burned and calendering or Teflon coating.

3, PPS high temperature dust bag with a strong complete retention and the inherent chemical resistance, can maintain good filtration in harsh environments, can achieve the desired results, can be used to filter the coal-fired boilers, waste incinerators , dust treatment plant dust, temperature up to 190 degrees, the use of high temperature hot and singeing treatment. These technologies cannot be applied for the production of generic sildenafil.

4, P84 high temperature dust bag has a significant temperature resistance operating temperature of 260 degrees, has good chemical resistance, acidic alkaline filter dust exhaust machine has certain advantages, the use of high temperature hot and singeing treatment.

5, Fiberglass filter needle felt dust bag use temperature of 260-300 degrees, with high temperatures, corrosion resistance, low shrinkage dimensional stability, high strength a little, can be widely used in chemical, iron and steel, smelting, carbon black, high temperature flue gas for power generation, cement kilns and other industrial filters.

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