• Capacity: 3 Ton/day
  • Optional materials: carbon steel snap band, stainless steel snap band
  • Diameter: can be customized
  • Width: can be customized
  • Thickness: can be customized


The snap band is a device used to secure and seal filter bags and is commonly used in equipment such as filters, vacuum cleaners and air purifiers. Its main functions include the following:

  1. Fixing the filter bag: The snap band fixes the filter bag to the filter element base or filter bag slot of the equipment to prevent the filter bag from loosening or falling off during operation of the equipment. This ensures that the filter bags work in the correct position and cannot be pulled away by air flow or suction forces.
  2. Sealing performance: Dust filter bag snap bands are usually designed to provide good sealing performance. They ensure a tight fit at the connection points between the filter bag and the equipment, preventing air or dust from bypassing the filter bag and entering the interior of the equipment. This sealing performance is very important for the filtration effect of the equipment.
  3. Prevent air leaks: In equipment such as vacuum cleaners and air purifiers, if the filter bags are not properly secured, air leaks may occur, which is when air, dust or dirt bypasses the filter bags and enters the interior of the equipment or returns to the indoor air. The purpose of the dust filter bag snap band is to ensure that the air inside the device flows through the filter bag, not around it.
  4. Extended filter bag service life: By properly fixing the filter bag, the filter bag is prevented from being damaged or worn due to vibration or airflow impact while the equipment is running. This can extend the service life of the filter bag, reduce the frequency of replacement, and reduce maintenance costs.


1. Stainless steel snap band have better chemical resistances than Carbon steel snap band. It is usually used in Acrylic PPSP84PTFE bag mouth which can extend the working life of bags.

2. Carbon steel snap band is more economic than stainless snap band. It can be used in Polyester, Fiberglass, FMS, Nomex/aramid bag mouth which can lower cost of bag without any influence of bag service life.

How to correctly install snap band filter bags

You might think that installing a snap band filter bag would be easy for you. Simply bend the top of the bag, thread the bag through the tube sheet, and click into place.

There are some small but important details in snap band installation that are often overlooked and can lead to filter bag damage and poor dust collection performance.

First, let’s define what sets snap band filter bags apart. Stainless steel straps are located around the top of the bag and on the inside. The snap band is deformable, allowing the user to manipulate its shape and insert the band through the tube sheet. The strap is passed through the opening of the tube sheet, and the top of the filter bag is aligned with the opening of the barrel. Once aligned, the user releases the top of the filter and snaps the ring into place.

It seems easy, but there is a common mistake that many people make.

One of the most common oversights when installing snap bands is excessive bending. Because these bands bend easily, it is usually not noticeable when this excessive bending occurs. Over-bending the snap band can cause it to kink, preventing the band from properly snapping into the tube sheet. Therefore, remember to try not to deform the snap band.

Another typical mistake comes from trying to bend the snap band from the wrong side. The seams between the cover ring and the bag material should be obvious. It is important to note that the bend should be made on the correct other side of the seam. Bending the strap to the side where the seam is will cause wrinkles. These wrinkles can cause emissions to escape from the filter bag.