Filter Press Cloth, Frame Filter Cloth

Filter press is the most widely used, covered almost all industrial filtration.We have about 80 kinds of filter press cloth. They are designed for satisfying demand of filtration applications though material, yarn type, weaving process, finish, etc.

Capacity: 1200 pcs/day
Material: PP, PA, PE
Application: Color pigments, silicates, zeolites, coal, TiO2 and other mined and quarried materials,sugar plant, fertilizers industries, Sludge dewatering, beverage industry etc.
Woven Fabric Weave: plain, twill, satin.

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Filter Press Cloth in PET, PA, PP, are used for plate, and frame filter press, chamber press and other presses. Widely used in liquid/solid, separation gas filtration and dust collection. Acid-resistance, alkali resistance, high strength, good permeability, high tensile elongation.Good abrasion resistance, easy separation. It specially apply to models with large capacity, it can ensure good filtering effect.



Color pigments, silicates, zeolites, coal, TiO2 and other mined and quarried materials

  • In terms of quality and productivity, FILMEDIA satisfies the required high level of performance by using strong woven cloth, adapting the correct pore size to the application.
  • Specific chemical components like solvents, oxidants, an abrasive slurry, or a heavy cake, Filmedia products offer reliability of the filtration process.

Sludge dewatering

  • For urban and industrial sludge dewatering, there are many different ways of preparing the sludge (mainly coagulation and flocculation). Mineral filter aids, such as ferric chloride and limes or polymers, are commonly used.FILMEDIA solutions for filter press applications take these requirements into account, while also including two other crucial success factors: fast filtration cycles and low labor costs

Beer, cane and beet sugar, oil, wine

  • In many food and beverage applications, we can enough supply of products during seasonal production peaks. (e.g. the sugar industry).


In order to give you a responsible quotation, Please inform us the following information:

  • The filter press drawing
  • The present cloth specification
  • The material you are going to deal with
  • The size of solid
  • The granularity of the final products are you going to achieve
  • The capacity per batch(L) you are going to achieve
  • The solid percentage (%)
  • The filter temperature
  • The PH value
  • The power