Belt Filter Cloth

Belt press fabric need high vertical and lateral liquid flow properties, excellent resistance against creasing and mechanical stress.

Capacity: 100M/day

Material: PP

Application: Chemicals, Minerals, Life science, Food, Environmental.

Woven Fabric Weave: plain

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Belt press fabric needs high vertical and lateral liquid flow properties, excellent resistance against creasing and mechanical stress. It has been widely used in Chemicals, Minerals, Life science, Food, Environmental industry, Our PDW series of

Filter cloth which has the filtration precision in 1-200 microns which are suitable for various requirements.


Diagrammatic sketch:


PDW-double layer weave fabrics dedicated for belt filter

  • Double Layer Weave fabrics designed for belts filter.
  • Best filtration results and enhanced lifetime is achieved by combining the functions of a fine filtration layer and a support drainage layer.
  • This concept is recognized as being the most successful standard for vacuum belt filters.

This unique filter media offers the following advantages:

  • Best permeability due to optimal fabric design
  • Wide range of pore sizes (7-150 µm)
  • Optimum particle retention, due to special pore structure
  • Excellent cake release, resulting from the special surface treatment of the fabrics


Weave construction:

Double Weave technology combines fine filter fabric laminated with a sturdy supporting fabric.



Chemicals: Polymers, silicates, pigments, fertilizer, sulfuric acid, PTA, phosphoric acid, soda bicarbonate, zeolite, catalysts

Minerals: Phosphoric rock washing, rare earth, tailings, iron, zinc, coal, copper

Life science: Active pharmaceutical ingredients, nutraceuticals, agrichemicals, intermediates

Food: Caffeine, coffee, glutamate, citric acid, starch, gluten, lecithin, spirulina

Environmental: Flue gas desulfurization, fly ash, waste water, coolant purification


Technical parameters:

Product Material Thickness(mm) Weight


Air permeability l/m2s Tensile strength


Max roll width (mm)
Warp Weft
PDW-8 PP 1.1 630 40 5000 4000 4300
PDW-20 PP 1.1 630 80 5000 4000 4300
PDW-30 PP 1.1 550 200 5500 3500 4300
PDW-50 PP 1.1 550 400 5500 3500 4300
PDW-85 PP 1.13 550 600 5500 3500 4300
PDW-120 PP 1.15 550 1200 5500 3500 4300
PDW-150 PP 1.5 770 1500 5600 8500 4300



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