Antistatic Filter bag is widely used in flour, chemical and coal industries. Filmedia® provide the filter bags with excellent performance of anti-static. We can offer blending type , square type, stripe type for your choices. The customized service can also be provided.

  • Surface resistance(Ω.cm): 108 -103
  • Good Temperature-Resistance: Max. Temp. 150℃
  • Material Weight: 100-600gsm
  • Types: blending type , square type, stripe type
  • High Filtration Efficiency: reach to 99.5%


Why Use Antistatic Filter Bags?

When the concentration of industrial dust reaches a certain level (that is, the explosion limit), if it encounters electrostatic discharge sparks or external ignition, it will easily cause explosion and fire. Such as: flour dust, chemical dust, coal dust, etc. may explode in case of electrostatic discharge. In the field of bag dust removal, if the dust needs to be collected with a cloth bag, the filter material for making the dust bag is required to have anti static properties. The anti-static filter bags are all made of anti-static needle-punched felt, which has excellent anti-static performance and is the most ideal choice for explosion-proof dust collection.

The Main Advantages and Features:

1. To increase system filtration capacity by 50-150% as needed without major changes to the dust collectors ;
2. System cleaning efficiency markedly increased with the effective increase of bag to bag distance;
3. Bag life extended due to significant reduction of fatigue damage to the bags due to bag to cage impact.

Main Types of Anti-static Filter Bag:

Polyester Filter Bag
 Polyester Filter Bag
PP Filter Bags
PP Filter Bags









Specification of Anti-static Filter Bag:

1. Material : 100% Anti-static polyester staple fiber
2. Surface resistance(Ω.cm):  103-108
3. Scrim: with Anti-static polyester filament yarn
4. Diameter:>100 mm
5. Weight:300 -600 g/m² ±10%
6. Temperature (°C/°F): Continue: 130/266, Instant: 150/302

Features of Anti-Static Filter Bag:

1. High Filtration Efficiency: reach to 99.5%
2. Excellent Anti-Abrasion
3. Stable working time: up to more than 4000 hours. Could be used cyclically
4. High quality and economical
5. Can be customized

Physical Properties and Chemical Properties:

Weight 300-600g/m2
Diameter >100mm
Finish treatment Singeing, Calendering, Heat setting
Air permeability l / m2 / s @200pa 200 ~ 300
Tensile strength (N/5cm) Warp ≥1100
Weft ≥1500
Tensile elongation (%) Warp ≤35
Weft ≤60
Heat Shrinkage (%) Warp ≤1.5
Weft ≤1.0
Temperature (℃/℉)
Continuos temperature 130/266
Instant temperature 150/302
Anti-acid Middle
Anti-alkali Middle
Anti-abrasion Excellent
Hydrolysis stability Middle

We Pay Attention to Every Processing Detail:

  • Accurately design the size of the filter cloth required for the filter bag. The filter cloth will be larger than the actual design size to leave enough operating space.
  • Choose the right filter bag accessories and check their quality.
  • We draw, cut and sew the filter bags on an automatic production line. When the filter bag needs to be processed manually, we open it on the operating platform and use a certain pulling force to keep it flat.
  • We maintain strict processing quality standards in accordance with design drawings and operating procedures. Our workers dress in compliance with safe construction requirements and are prohibited from smoking.