The filter unit belongs to the dry dust removal equipment, including direct-coupled fan and electric filter bag deashing mechanism. Dust falls into the pull-out drawer through the ash hopper.


1. Structure Characteristics:

The equipment has fully-enclosed fan chamber, of which the shell is equipped with sound absorber, efficient backward blade and direct-coupled centrifugal fan. The complete machine is assembled and sealed up in the factory, with a compact structure, covering a small area. The filter bag can be pulled out, with an interpolating pad. The filter bag adopts the mode of electric vibration for ash removal. The dust-collecting drawer is easy to pull out for ash discharging. There are A, B two types, and 16 kinds of dimensions.

Type A has dust-collecting drawers; Type B has no drawer, directly installed on the storage bin, hopper, belt conveyor, etc.


2. Purpose:

The equipment is applicable to the foundry, metal processing, refractories, ceramics, glass, cement, mineral material, plastic, chemical industry and other industries, as well as the sites where there is the dust problem. Its efficiency of dust collection is up to 99.5% or more.


3. Sub-item Description:

Shell: is welded with steel plate and is fastened with screw, including rubber air-tight doors, filter bag frame support, deashing link mechanism, etc. Ash hopper: is a part of the shell, with pull-out dust-collecting drawers. Sealing: Use sealing material. Filter bag: is made of 208 polyester flannelette, including frame sealing chamber and spring interpolating pad. Deashing machinery: Electric power produces high-frequency vibration, which is transmitted by the eccentric linkage to the bag filter for dust removal. Control: Fan, direct starter of deashing motor and time relay for controlling the deashing cycle are used for control. The deashing mechanism can be manually or automatically controlled. Automatic ash removal: is intermittently carried out in the process of fan running. Manual ash removal: Ash is removed when the fan stops running, and ash removal stops automatically and immediately after dozens of seconds. Fan: is the centrifugal fan directly linked with motor, and the fan impeller is dynamically balanced.


4.Working Principle

After dusty gas enters into the unit, and dust is separated through two stages. First stage: Due to the change of flow velocity and airflow direction, large dust particles fall into the drawer (Type A). Type B falls into users’ storage bin and other equipment. Second stage: small and light dust is retained by the filter bag. After purification, clean air is inhaled by the centrifugal fan and sent back to the workshop, so as to reduce the heat loss. In order to go on dust collection, the electric dedusting mechanism periodically makes dust on the filter bag drop into the dust-collecting drawer.


Examples for Filter Application

Bag-based operation Cutting operation Shaving operation
Small dull polishing operation Machine plate processing operation Grinding operation
Rubber raw material mixing operation Parts processing operation Powder supply operation
Pressing operation Mixing operation Grinding operation
Powder supply operation 粉碎作业

Crushing operation

Dull polishing operation
Clipping operation    




In order to prevent static electricity, be sure to use it after earth wire grounding.

When dust has the dangers such as explosion, please inquire separately.

The machine is the filter designed to specially handle dry dust, so it cannot absorb moisture, oil fume, sparks, etc.

If a spark occurs in the operation, be sure to use the pre-duster.

Standard type is designed for indoor use only.