Needle Punched Filter Felt

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  • Brief Introduction of Needle Punched Filter Felt

“Needle-punched felt” is a fine fiber cloth with interlaced fibers and evenly distributed voids produced by non-woven needle-punched technology. It is mainly produced from polyester staple fibers and polyester twisted yarns. After hot rolling, singeing or coating, the surface of the needle felt is flat and smooth, and it is not easy to be blocked by dust.

  • Specifications
  • Application: air filtration (dust filtration), water filtration (liquid filtration: 1-100μm).
  • Material: polypropylene (PP), acrylic, polyester (PE), PPS, aramid (Aramid), P84, PTFE, fiberglass, FMS.
  • Processing: Calendering, heat setting, singeing, anti-static, water&oil repellent, PTFE membrane.
  • Advantages

Filter needle punched felt with low differential pressure, high temperature resistance, wide range of applications. Suitable for the most stringent environmental standards, and can be used in PH2-12 occasions. It has excellent chemical stability, strong acid and alkali resistance, high filtration efficiency and good dust removal effect. Its application makes the operation cost lower, the failure rate is low, and the working life is longer.


Filter needle punched felt is widely used in industrial dust collection and smoke control, such as waste incinerator, iron and steel smelting, cement production, metallurgical carbon black.