This automatic ring forming and welding machine, effectively reducing your labor costs, or if your budget is limited, you can use a separate solution for ring forming and welding.
Wire diameter: 2mm-6mm
Maximum ring diameter: 300mm (up to 500mm, customized)
Minimum circle diameter: 70mm
Capacity: about 1560 pieces/hour for diameter of 150mm

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The Advantage of Our Automatic Ring Forming and Welding Machine

  1. Intelligent “S”-shaped speed curve, rotary encoder and servo motor encoder form a fully closed wire feeding control system to ensure that the diameter error is less than 0.16mm, which completely solves the diameter accuracy problem in traditional machines.
  2. The high precision also comes from the excellent wire feeding method, the wire feeding system is composed of imported servo and imported planetary gear reducer;

Especially, the wire feeding wheel feeds the wire in a “dual drive” mode.

The welding system is also stable and reliable, with imported moving parts, and its performance is far superior to ordinary pneumatic welding machine.

  1. The ring diameter is automatically adjusted. The ring adjustment system is composed of 2 stepping motors, imported ball screws and imported linear guides.
  2. Suitable for ring forming and welding of low, medium and high carbon steel, spring steel and galvanized steel; if equipped with TIG welding unit, it can be formed and welded of stainless steel and titanium.
  3. It is very simple and easy to use. The man-machine interface is clear at a glance, and the “running code” can help operators judge any mistakes in operation
  4. The equipment is stable and reliable, saves time and effort, generally 2-3 years can earn back investment from labor savings


Basic Parameters

  1. Input voltage: 380V (2-phase)
  2. Grid frequency: 50Hz
  3. Transformer design power: 40KVA
  4. Instantaneous power during welding: 18KVA (4mm iron wire)
  5. Power during wire feeding: 3KVA
  6. Cooling method: natural cooling
  7. Air consumption: 250L/min
  8. Air pressure: 0.6-0.8MPa