HD series of single filters is designed for dust removal of the storage house roof and bottom, belt conveyor and local dust source in cement plant, has the advantages of small volume, good ability to handle air volume, compact structure, convenient and reliable use. This series of products is widely applied in the cement industry, and also has good dedusting effect in the foundry industry, ceramic industry, glass industry, grinding wheel manufacturing, chemical products, machinery processing, wood processing, etc.


Basic Structure

The basic structure of this series of filters consists of three parts, i.e. draught fan, box and ash hopper:

★The fan uses general standard parts, easy to repair and replace, and also uses isolation facilities, having little noise.

★208 industrial polyester twilled flannelette, 729 tubular filter cloth or polyester needled felt filter cloth are selected as filter material.

★The deashing machine adopts the motor-driven linkage mechanism, to remove dust on the inner surface by vibrating the filter bag jitter.

★ Two types of structure are used for the hopper, i.e. drawer type and ash hopper type, convenient to remove dust.

★There are six specifications in this series, divided into A, B, C three types:

Type A is equipped with the ash hopper (excluding landing leg and discharge valve), Type B is equipped with flange, and Type C is equipped with drawers.

The hopper can also be designed and customized according to customer requirements.


Operating Principle

Dusty gas enters into the box from the inlet of the filter. After passing through the filter bag, dust is retained on the inner surface of the filter bag. The purified gas enters into the fan again through the filter bag, ultimately, is directly discharged from the fan outlet.

With the increase of filtration time, dust adhering to the inner surface of the filter bag is increasing, and then the resistance of the filter bag increases accordingly, so as to affect dedusting effect. The automatic control deashing mechanism is used to regularly shake off dust, or the deashing machinery is manually controlled. After shut down, shake off the filter bag for tens of seconds, to make dust on the inner surface of the filter bag fall into the ash hopper and drawers, or directly fall on the conveyor belt.