The fiberglass is an inorganic fiber whose main component is SiO2. It is obtained by melting the glass frit at a temperature of 1300-1600 ° C, drawing filaments from the molten state and rapidly quenching. There are two kinds of filter materials: C glass (medium-alkali glass or soda calcium silicate glass) and E glass (alkali-free glass or aluminoborosilicate glass). The most advantages of fiberglass is high temperature resistance, good dimensional stability, and high tensile breaking strength. In terms of chemical corrosion resistance, glass fiber is stable to other media except hydrofluoric acid and high temperature and strong alkali.  The fiberglass filter bag is resistant to high temperature, abrasion, water and oil.

We can provide the fiberglass non-woven(needle felt) filter bag, and the fiberglass woven fabric filter bag.

  • Heat-resistance: Max. to 280℃
  • Acid and alkali resistance
  • Finish-treatment: Calendering, Heat setting, Singeing, PTFE Impregnation, PTFE Membrane
  • Diameter & Length: Customized
  • Capacity: 2000 pcs per day
  • Accept customization.



  • High Temperature Resistance: 240-280℃
  • Excellent in Anti-Acid and Anti-Alkali.
  • Abrasion resistance, high tensile strength.
  • Long Service Life: >4500 hours
  • Low resistance of filtration.
  • Single fiber, high porosity, gas filtration resistance.
  • Can be used in a variety of complex situation and harsh environmental conditions.
  • Can be customized.

Properties of Non woven Fiberglass  Filter Bag

Fiber fiberglass fiber
Scrim fiberglass yarn
Weight g/m² 850
Thickness mm 2,4
Width m ≤2.2
Finish treatment PTFE impregnation
Air permeability l / m2 /S @200pa 200 ~ 300
Tensile strength Warp (N/5×20cm) 1300
Weft(N/5×20cm) 1500
Tensile elongation Warp  (%) 8
Weft  (%) 8
Continue temperature 230
Instant temperature 250
Chemical Properties
Anti-acid Good
Anti-alkali Good
Anti-abrasion Good
Hydrolysis stability Middle


Properties of  Woven Fiberglass  Filter Bag

Type EWTF450 EWTF550 EWTF800 CWTF450 CWTF550
Weight (g/m2 ) 450 550 800 450 550
Tensile strength (N/25mm) warp >1750 >2200 >2400 >1700 >1700
weft >1000 >1500 >2100 >1900 >1200
Permeability(cm/s) 20~55 15~35 10~30 20~40 20~40
Service temperature(℃) ≤280 ≤260
Recommended  air flow(m/min) <0.5 <0.7 <0.5
Remark Description include PSI、 FCA、 RH、 BI 、ST,width range 400-1000mm,filter bag diameter rangeΦ120-300mm

We Pay Attention to Every Processing Detail:

  • Accurately design the size of the filter cloth required for the filter bag. The filter cloth will be larger than the actual design size to leave enough operating space.
  • Choose the right filter bag accessories and check their quality.
  • We draw, cut and sew the filter bags on an automatic production line. When the filter bag needs to be processed manually, we open it on the operating platform and use a certain pulling force to keep it flat.
  • We maintain strict processing quality standards in accordance with design drawings and operating procedures. Our workers dress in compliance with safe construction requirements and are prohibited from smoking.