OEM’s full name is Original Equipment Manufacturer, which refers to the manufacturer’s production according to the requirements and authorization of the original brand. It was first popularized in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. It can reduce production costs and increase brand added value. However, it doesn’t mean that the products are not produced by the original brand manufacturers, they are produced in cooperation with a certain processing factory. In other words, buying OEM products from us means you can get the same product with yours, or one that has been subsequently re-engineered to deliver even better performance.


To become a distributor – Our products are great demonstration products:
1. Easy and fast sales.
2. Unbelievably high mark-up.
3. Verse product line to a wide range of customers.
4. Sales material – filter materials
5. Manufacture warranty and after sale service.
Our products will sale fast both as shelve products and as a demonstration products.


We appreciate your business so much we’ve created a VIP  customer like you.
We’re here to help with:
If your Purchase quantity 500,000 USD, you can get the following VIP support:
1. For solve your stress of funds, we can give you 30 days of credit debt from bill date
2. For solve your speed of the delivery, 20GP, we can guarantee 15 days. 40GP, we can guarantee 20 days.
3. For solve your stock problem, we can make a 20GP stock for you, which means when we get your PO(purchase order), we will send your products in 24 hours.