Industry Filter Bag, Filmedia
Industrial woven filter cloth
Dust Filter Bags

Our extended life filter bag applied to cement plant, steel works,
power plant, asphalt plant, carbon black and waste incineration and etc.

Needle Punched Felts

We can offer various materials of needle felts to meet your needs.

woven filter cloth
Industrial Woven Filter Fabric

Our filter cloths are used for solid-liquid separation and are widely used.

Air Slide Fabric

Our air slide fabric are used in every process
where bulk powder must be fluidized or conveyed.

Fiberglass filter cloth
Fiberglass Filter Cloth

We offer high quality woven fiberglass pulse jet and
reverse air filter bags for cement plant, carbon black, etc.

Filtration Machinery

We provide design and complete set of machines for your filter bag production workshop.

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Expert in Filtration Solutions – Filmedia®

Filmedia® is committed to providing first grade filter solution, after years of development, we have established close business relationship with our customers in more than 100 countries and regions in the world. The key to our rapid growth and development comes from our management’s ethos of premium quality, innovation and being customer-focused. Our company is a leader in filter material industry , and is one of the top 5 suppliers of air slide belts,filter bags and needle punched felt in Europe.

Needle Punched Felts

Our Global Commitment

Filmedia® actively participates in the global supply chain service market, and we are committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services to promote local economic development. At the same time, we adhere to the concept of sustainable development and fulfill our environmental and social responsibilities.