Filter bags used in cement plants need to comprehensively consider factors such as filtration efficiency, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, chemical stability, size and shape, price and cost performance, and supplier reputation to ensure that the filtration needs in the cement production process are met, and Minimize operating costs

  • Filtration Efficiency: The main function of the filter bag is to filter dust and particulate matter, so filtration efficiency is one of the primary considerations when choosing a filter bag. Ensure that the selected filter bag can effectively capture and filter out dust and particulate matter generated during cement production to meet environmental protection requirements.
  • Abrasion Resistance: The particles produced during the cement production process usually have high hardness and can easily cause wear to the surface of the filter bag. Therefore, choosing a filter bag with higher wear resistance can extend its service life, reduce the frequency of replacement, and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Temperature Resistance: In the cement production process, high-temperature gases and dust are common, so it is important to choose high-temperature resistant filter bags. Make sure the selected filter bag can withstand the high temperature environment in cement production and is not easily deformed or damaged by heat.
  • Chemical Stability: Acidic or alkaline gases may exist during the cement production process, so the filter bag needs to have good chemical stability and not be susceptible to corrosion or chemical changes.
  • Size and Shape: According to the specific equipment and requirements of the cement plant, select the appropriate size and shape of the filter bag to ensure that it can completely cover the required filtration area and work well with the equipment.
  • Price and Cost-effectiveness: Consider the price of the filter bag and the balance between its service life and performance, and choose products with high cost-effectiveness that can not only meet the requirements but also control costs.
Finally, supplier reputation and after-sales service are crucial: Filmedia® has a good reputation in the international market and is a supplier that provides reliable after-sales service. It has reliable product quality and timely delivery cycle, and provides timely technical support and maintenance services when needed.

Types of filter bags suitable for cement plants

Item No.ProductProduct Code
1Polyester filter bags (500gsm)ES‐PE500N
2Polyester filter bags (500gsm with PTFE membrane)ES‐PE500M
3Anti static polyester filter bags (line type)ES‐ASPE500L
4Anti static polyester filter bags (blend type)ES‐ASPE500B
5Acrylic filter bagsES‐AR500N
6PPS filter bagsES‐PPS550TFI
7Aramid filter bagsES‐AMD500N
8Aramid filter bags (fiberglass scrim)ES‐AMD650NFB
9P84 filter bagsES‐P84500N
10FMS filter bagsES‐FMS850N
11PTFE filter bagsES‐PTFE750TFI
12PTFE filter bags with membraneES‐PTFE750TFM
13Fiberglass cloth filter bags (800gsm with membrane)ES‐FB800W‐TFM
14Fiberglass cloth filter bags (380gsm with membrane)ES‐FB380W‐AR‐TFM
15Fiberglass cloth filter bags (480gsm)ES‐FB480W‐PSG
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