Pneumatic fabric conveyor belts are a type of conveyor belt commonly used in various industries for the transportation of materials. These belts are flexible, durable, and suitable for conveying a wide range of materials such as grains, ores, coal, aggregates, and other bulk materials.

  • The raw material is self-produced, the quality is controllable.
  • The color can be customized.
  • Customized characteristics.(such as cold resistance, oil resistance,anti-static)
  • Thickness, tension, performance can be customized.
  • Environmental protection and safety.


Pneumatic fabric conveyor belt is also can be called pneumatic belt. It is operated by pneumatic system. It uses air as power, makes gas with a certain pressure pass through its orifice, makes powder material to be conveyed change its angle of rest, makes powder material fluidized, the particles of the powder material “suspended” condition to obtain fluidized boiling conveying. Fabric conveyor belts can be manufactured in various configurations, including flat belts for horizontal conveying, troughed belts for inclined or vertical conveying, and sidewall belts for conveying materials in a confined space. They can also be customized with features such as cleats, sidewalls, and tracking guides to suit specific applications.



Material 100% PET synthetic
Thickness 5.5+ 0.3mm
Weight(Kg/) 4+0.2
Width 200-3000mm
Max. resistance temp. 200*C
Air permeability 1.9x10m3/ (m.min.Kpa)
Tension 11KN/40mm
Min. winding radius R20(mm)
Size of powder s 4mm
Moisture s2%

Why Pneumatic Conveying?

  • A conventional mechanical conveyor system runs in a straight line, with minimal direction  changes, and each directional change typically requires its own motor and drive. The mechanical conveying system may be open rather than enclosed, potentially generating dust. It also has a relatively large number of moving parts, which usually require frequent maintenance. The system also tends to take up a lot of valuable real estate in a plant.
  • On the other hand, a pneumatic conveying system uses a simple, small-diameter pipeline to transfer material. The pipeline can be arranged with bends to fit around existing equipment, giving the system more about layout flexibility, and the system also has a relatively small footprint. The system is totally enclosed and typically has few moving parts as it is electronically managed.


It is used in cement, aluminium industry, power plant, dry powder air chute, super concentration phase horizontal tank and vertical pneumatic conveying etc. Can also be used for

  • Food processingindustry.
  • Woodworkingmachineryindustry.
  • Shop line.
  • Sports and fitnessindustry.
  • Packagingindustry.
  • Express logistics industry.
  • Electronic photovoltaic industry.
  • Animalhusbandry industry.
  • Biological medicine industry.

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