Air Slide Fabrics

Air Slide Fabrics

What is Air Sliding Fabric ?

Air sliding fabric is a solid fabric for air sliding. It has many other names: air slide cloth, aerial slide canvas, air permeability fabric, fluidizing cloth, aeration fabric, air slide belt, etc. Its working principle is: the powder material flows along the static fabric slideway under the action of tiny air pressure. The air slide belt is arranged between the powder object and the air chamber, the upper part is the powder object, and the lower part is the air chamber. Under the action of air pressure, the powder is fluidized through the conveyor belt, so as to achieve the purpose of conveying the powder object. Using air slide cloth to transport powder is an effective way to save energy and reduce costs.


  • Thickness: 4mm-10mm,
  • Width: Can be customized.
  • Material: Filmament polyester, spun polyester, aramid, basalt, kevalr, etc.
  • Heat resistance: 160 ℃ ~ 180 ℃.
  • Our capacity: 500m²/ month

Types of Air Slide Fabrics

Filmedia® customizes air-sliding fabrics made of different raw materials, different levels of air permeability and different thicknesses for customers.

Filament Polyester

The main use of Air Permeable Fabric is discharging, declining transportation or homogenizing the powder or small granular material in quiescent condition. We adopt 100% polyester yarns for Air Permeable Fabric material.

Spun Polyester

We produce the air slide fabric for conveyance of dry bulk powders, we accept customization for your machine. First grade quality and competitive price to let our products share a good reputation all over the world.


Aramid(Nomex) air slide fabric has a good performance of heat-resistant.


Basalt air slide fabric has excellent performance of high-temperature resistance.

How Does It Use?

  • Compressed air to overcome the opposition of the air slide fabric.
  • Increased pressure level.
  • The compressed air reaches a suitable level to start the fluidization.
  • Only after reach a constant pressure on the whole surface,
    the compressed air will penetrate through the fabric and enter the cement.
  • The cement becomes fluid and move to the discharging point.
Pneumatic Transport System

Application of Air Slide Fabric

Filmedia® manufactures air slide fabrics in different specifications for industries that need to handle bulk materials.

Air Slide Fabrics are Used in Different Industries

Air Slide Fabrics are Used In Various Kinds Of Machinery

  • Silos & Tanks: Discharging systems,warehouse units,mixing equipment,homogenizing systems.
  • Chute Bottoms: Conveyor systems, ventilation systems, aeration system.
  • Vehicles: Silo truck discharging cones,railway wagon discharging cones,vessel aeration & discharging bottoms,container aeration & discharging bottoms.
  • Powder Coating Machinery: Bottoms for sinter basin.

Our Advantages

  • High quality raw material in weaving process.
  • High tension weaving.
  • Robust & stable weave.
  • High weight per M².
  • Good resistance to abrasion.
  • Smooth surface and uniform air.