We produce the air slide fabric for conveyance of dry bulk powders, we accept customization for your machine. First grade quality and competitive price to let our products share a good reputation all over the world. We produce air slide cloths in strict accordance with the highest quality standards and have been tested repeatedly. Our air sliding fabrics are uniform, breathable, flat, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, have high tensile strength, high temperature resistance, no delamination, and long service life.

  • Capacity: 500 ㎡/ month.
  • Max Width: 2.6 m.
  • Thickness: 4~10 mm.
  • Heat-resistant: 160 ℃ ~ 200 ℃.


Performance Advantages of Polyester Spun Air Slide Fabric:

  • Filtration performance: Spun polyester air slide fabrics have high filtration efficiency and can effectively filter particles and pollutants in the air.
  • Durability: Due to the use of spun polyester fiber, this sliding cloth usually has better durability and stability, and can maintain its filtration performance for a long time.
  • Lightweight and Breathable: Spun polyester air slide fabrics are lightweight and breathable, which helps ensure that air can pass through the filter cloth smoothly while maintaining filtration efficiency.
  • Easy to process: Spun polyester fiber is easy to process and handle, so manufacturers can cut and customize the air slide fabric according to their needs.
  • Environmental protection: Spun polyester fiber is a synthetic fiber and is recyclable.


Specification sheet of spun polyester air slide fabric:

Product Name Spun Polyester Air Slide Fabric
Thickness) mm) 4 5 6
Gram Weight) gsm) 3100 3600 4000
Air permeability( L/m2.s) 80 75 70
Tensile strength(kg/cm2) >450 >470 >500
Elongation (Strength: 2000 N/2 cm ) Warp 4.1% 2.3% 2.1%
Weft 3.0% 1.1% 1.0%
Max. Operating Temp. 160 ℃( 320 °F) 160 ℃( 320 °F) 160 ℃( 320 °F)
Ultimate Temp.( Instant) 200 ℃( 392 °F) 200 ℃( 392 °F) 200 ℃ ( 392 °F)
Number of plies 3 5 5


Ps: Tolerance of thickness: +/- 0.3mm, gram weight: +/- 5%, air permeability: +/- 10%.

Applications of  Spun Polyester Air Slide Fabric:

Our product mainly used in air activated conveyors or bin/silo aerators for the conveyance of dry bulk powders.

  • In cement plant

An Airslide belt is in the middle of a chute. Powder material will come into the chute above Airslide belt. Material will flow to the chute lower side as pneumatic blower down Airslide belt. That’s why we say Airslide belt can move powder material because of the wind power. And then, the rest wind will go out from the top of the chute. Through the moving, no parts moved except powder material. So that it can spare more energy and maintain cost, etc.

  • In fluidization silo

Our Airslide canvas is installed on the surface of the silo bottom. It is supplied for installation as aeration units on the sloped conical bottoms of bins and silos to aid in the withdrawal of dry relatively free-flowing material.

  • In cement vessel’s hold

The sloped bottom of the cargo hold is covered with fluidizing panels. Our airslide fabric is on the surface of fluidizing panels. Rotary piston blowers supply the panels with oil-free compressed air and make the cement flow to the lowest point, where the discharge gate is installed. Powder and particulate material available the Airslide canvas fabric conveyor belt.