Using long fiber polyester filter material with tight pore stricture, our Polyester fiber dust collector cartridge had excellent moisture resistance and dust release properties . The filtration surface of our products range from 9.4m² to 13.4m². There is a link for big blue.



Properties and Features

1.Suitable for the filtration of fine dust type in plastics, spray powder, sand blasting,pigment candwood industries. 2.Imported long fiber polyester filter material with tight pore stricture.
3.Excellent moisture resistance and dust release properties.
4.Durable and rigid materialr washable Greater withstanding performance to pulse jet than traditional materials. 5.Electrochemical plate top and bottom, no rust perforated zinc galvanized metal inner core allows good airflow.
6.Specialty chlorine rubber gasket to ensure airtight sealing. 7.Applicable temperature:≤130 ℃


Types External diameter Inner diameter Length Surface filtration
Type 1 φ324mm φ213mm 660mm 9.4m²
Type 2 φ352mm φ241mm 660mm 9.4m²
Type 3 φ324mm φ213mm 750mm 10.7m²
Type 4 φ324mm φ213mm 880mm 12.5m²
Type 5 φ324mm φ213mm 1000mm 13.4m²