Cotton conveyor belts are a type of conveyor belt commonly used in various industries for the transportation of bulk materials, goods, or products. These conveyor belts are made from cotton fabric layers and are known for their versatility and durability.



Types of Cotton Conveyor Belt

  1. 100% cotton conveyor belt—Ivory anti-static and nontoxic, easy to use.
  2. Cotton + polyester conveyor belt—30% cotton +70% polyester fiber, bright white, moisture resistant, corrosion-resistant slightly.
  3. Silk cotton conveyor belt—good heat-resistant and good high temperature resistance. Especially used for conveying melting PVC, work normally in the continuous 200℃.


Material Cotton
Width 100mm-1800mm
Thickness 1-10mm
Heat resistance Under 260°C, accepts short time pressure
300Ci smelting point
Elongation Shrinkage Warp 3%
Weft 1.5%
Weight 1600g/m²
Joint Steel buckle joint, seamless connection


  1. Low elongation,  good adhesion;
  2. Not easy to be out of shape under high temperature;
  3. Anti-static and nontoxic;
  4. It is suitable for short distance and small conveying capacity.


Cotton conveyor belt is mainly used for FOOD INDUSTRY and usually match with FOOD MACHINERY. Such as conveying for steamed bread, biscuit, and fruits and pharmaceutical Industry. Besides, our cotton conveyor belt also can be used in machinery industry, electronics industry, logistics industry and chemical industry.