HZ annular injection pulse bag filter adopts annular ejector, double membrane pulse valve, plugged tube which can be assembled and disassembled, and the uncovering mechanism easy to open and convenient to replace the bag. In the filter, 35 bags are regarded as a basic filter unit, a combination and assembly of 112 units. The equipment has the advantages of good deashing effect and high dedusting efficiency, convenient to operate and maintain, easy to assemble and disassemble, etc. There are two types, i.e. Type I and Type II. Type I belongs to a rectangular pulse valve, and Type II belongs to a straight-through pulse valve.

Basic Structure

Purification part: is composed of the filter bag, framework of filter bag, inlet of dusty gas, outlet of purified gas, etc.
Annular injection part: is composed of the ejector, plugged tube, pulse valve, pressure-regulating gas bag, solenoid valve, water-separating gas filter, electric controller, etc.
Shell part: is composed of the upper box, the middle box, the lower box, etc.


Operating Principle

The draught fan inhales dusty gas into the shell from the air inlet, and gas flow in the inner chamber through the outer wall of the filter bag. Dust is absorbed on the surface of the filter bag adsorption, and the purified gas enters into the upper box through the ejector. After entering into the upper box, gas is discharged from the outlet of the box of gas purification.
Along with the extension of filtration time, dust on the filter bag is gradually thickening, and the running resistance of the filter bag increases. When the resistance reaches a certain value, the controller program sends a signal, and then each pulse valve blows the filter bag in order. Injection makes the filter bag vibrate, so dust adhering to the bag and between fibers drops into the lower box, and is discharged through the spiral conveyor and star discharge valve.