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Dust Filter Bags

Filmedia® Filter Bags

Filmedia® provides a wide range of high quality filter bags for industrial Dust Collector. Our Extended Life filter bag provides superior filtration of all sized particles. dust filter bags are made of needled felt. According to the adjustment of the thickness and thickness of the needled felt, the filter bag can achieve higher accuracy, removal rating is usually higher than 90%. The surface of the filter bag is treated with singeing, matte process and coating, avoid fiber shedding. The hot melt seamless combination technology is adopted to ensure that the filter bag will not have side leakage phenomenon. Filmedia® dust filter bags series are high dirt capacity filter bags, optional double-layer structure, effectively increase the filtration area and dirt holding capacity, at the same time, double-layer dirt interception, interception efficiency is more significant. General type filter bags have high cost performance, suitable for low viscosity material liquid filtration.

Advantages of Filter bags from Filmedia Group

  • Fine material selection, with super fine fibers 1.0 Dtex, 1.4 Dtex.
  • Filter bag fabrics are produced by the world’s Top 1 German Dilo needle punching production lines; Even weight (g/m2 )and excellent air permeability(l/dm2.min.@200Pa) to make sure good performance of dust collection.
  • Filter bags making : with 5 sets of world-top advanced automatic sewing production lines(JUKI1261 / JUKI3580); 6 senior technical engineers and 30 skilled sewing workers with more than 10 years of sewing experience; Strict QC. and inspection to make sure every bag is qualified and perfect.
  • Factory-direct and Excellent management make cost low down possibly, at least 20% cost can be reduced for you.
  • Innovation : New Technology of Spunlace(water jet / water punched ) fabrics for Filter bags.

All these strong points make us to be able to provide you with high-quality filter bags, to make sure meeting requests from standards of dust emissions 20mg/Nm3, 10mg/Nm3, 5mg/Nm3 till “zero emission”, to low down energy consumption and to reduce production cost for the Iron & Steel plants remarkably.


  • Anti-static.
  • Anti-spark.
  • Water & oil repellent.
  • Anti-abrasion.


  • Capacity: 2000pcs (standard size).
  • Bag Size: customized.
  • Bag Head: snap band, snap ring, endless felt, felt strip, thick felt, etc.
  • Bag Body: stitching, hot welding
  • Bag Bottom: single bottom, double bottom, with reinforcement, without reinforcement.

The performance difference between different materials


Instant TemperatureAbrasion ResistanceHydrolysis ResistanceAcid ResistanceAlkali ResistanceOxidation
Polyprolene Needle Felt 90℃ 110℃GoodExcellent ExcellentExcellentMiddle
Acrylic Needle Felt 120℃130℃MiddleGoodGoodMiddleGood
Polyester Needle Felt130℃150℃ExcellentPoorMiddle FairGood
PPS Needle Felt 180℃200℃GoodExcellentExcellentExcellentFair
Aramid Needle Felt204℃220℃GoodMiddleMiddleGoodMiddle
P84 Needle Felt 240℃260℃GoodMiddleMiddleMiddleGood
PTFE Needle felt 250℃280℃GoodExcellentExcellentExcellentExcellent
Fiberglass Needle Felt250℃280℃FairGood MiddleFairGood
Woven Fiberglass Filter Cloth260℃280℃GoodGoodGoodGoodGood

Filtration Principle in Woven and Non-woven Fabric

Filtration Principle in Woven and Non-woven Fabric

In a woven fabric, the particle gets collected by one or more of the mechanisms (like interception, internal impaction etc.) resulting in a buildup of dust cake’ which is mostly on the surface.

Filtration Principle in non-woven fabric

In a non-woven fabric, the waste not only on the surface resulting in a build up of dust cake’ but also in-depth.

Shapes of Filter Bags

Round Dust Filter Bags
Round Filter Bags
Flat Dust Filter Bags
Flat Filter Bags
Pleated Dust Filter Bags
Pleated Filter Bags

How to Use The Dust Filter Bag?

  • Installation
    According to the structure and design of the equipment, install the filter bag to the filter bag frame or filter bag room of the dust removal equipment. Make sure the filter bag is installed securely with no looseness or gaps.
  • Check Before Operation
    Before starting the dust removal equipment, check whether the filter bag is intact and not damaged or broken. Make sure the filter bags are clean and in good condition for optimum filtration.
  • Activating the Equipment
    Activating the dust extraction equipment allows air to flow through the filter bags. Dust and solid particles will be captured by the filter bag, while clean air will be exhausted through the filter bag.
  • Periodic Inspection and Maintenance
    Periodically check the condition of the filter bags and clean or replace them as needed. When the dust accumulated on its surface will affect the filtration efficiency, it needs regular maintenance.
  • Clean the Filter Bag
    When a large amount of dust has accumulated on the surface of the filter bag, which affects the air circulation and filtration efficiency, it needs to be cleaned. The cleaning method can be mechanical vibration, pulse back blowing, etc., to strip the dust from the surface of the filter bag.
  • Replacing Filter Bags
    Filter bags become worn or damaged over time and need to be replaced. When replacing, make sure to select the appropriate model and specification, and operate according to the operation manual of the equipment.
  • Pay attention to safety
    When cleaning, replacing or maintaining filter bags, be sure to follow the equipment operating procedures and safety operation guidelines to ensure the safety of operators.
  • Record maintenance
    Establish filter bag maintenance records to record the cleaning, replacement and maintenance of filter bags for effective management and planning.
How to use the dust filter bag


Our products are widely used in cement, steel, food and pharmaceutical industries, coal mines and coal industry, wood processing industry, power stations, chemical industry, wastewater treatment, environmental protection facilities and other industries.

Asphalt mixing plantAbrasive Blasting
ChemicalsCoal power
Wet machiningFood
Mining and smeltingOil and gas
Paper and printingGrain, Agriculture & Feed
MetalworkPulp and paper
Thermal SprayPharmaceutical
Waste disposalSteel

1.The table cannot include all the applications, if you want to know more about your areas, please contact our professional engineer.
2.Different working condition has different kinds of filter bags, the data in our chart are the standard specification, more information or technical problems please tell us without any hesitation!