To provide domestic and imported high-quality filter fittings

“Polyester needled felt”, “high temperature glass fiber bag”, “PPS needled felt”, “membrane filter bag”, “filter cartridge”, etc.

Electromagnetic pulse valve, pulse controller, PLC, differential pressure controller, filter bag framework……


Electromagnetic pulse valve

The electromagnetic pulse valve refers to a compressed air switch of the deashing injection system in the pulse bag filter, controlled by the pulse injection controller. It implements injection and ash removal of the filter bag in each chamber row by row, and maintains the dust resistance within the set range, to guarantee that the filter has good processing capacity and dust-collecting efficiency.


Filter bag framework

The filter bag framework is the component to support the external filtration-type filter bag, to make the bag be in the state of tension and in a certain shape when filtering and ash removal.

The filter bag framework should be light, easy to install and maintain; smooth and straight, so as to make the filter bag undamaged. The materials of the filter bag framework include Q235, Q235 galvanized, 304 stainless steel, etc.


Filter bag

The filter bag is the key component to determine the efficiency and working temperature of the bag filter, and the replacement cost of the filter bag is the major maintenance cost of the bag filter. The service life of the filter bag, therefore, is associated with the running state and cost of the filter. Generally speaking, if the qualified filter bag is properly used, the service life should be 1-3 years.