Filmedia® provides the first grade corrugator belt with our advanced equipment by experienced engineers. Our corrugator belt is for corrugated board production line, raw meal and developed specially for double facer.

  • Straight cut edge and long service life.
  • Level surface, clean mark.
  • Hot-press and flocking joint.
  • High moisture absorption and release; Low noise and high speed of operation.
  • Good abrasion resistance.
  • Firm stainless steel fastener.


Corrugator belt also named corrugated board conveyor belt. It is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of corrugated board production line. Its quality has a decisive impact on the quality of corrugated board, and has always been the concern of carton factory and tile line manufacturer.Conveyor’s four functions are smooth cardboard delivery, straight run, the pressure evenly distributed pressure in the system to ensure the best hot plate and cardboard dryness. Corrugator belt has been specially developed for the transport of board and optimization of the drying process, they resist the stress continuously and achieve as long a life as possible. The patented weave structure guarantees correct gluing and fast drying of the board. The use of high quality synthetic fibers enables the belt to shed very rapidly the moisture absorbed during the drying process.

Working Principle

The working process is that the conveyor belt applies pressure on the cardboard to stick it on the surface of the heating plate, absorbs heat and evaporates water vapor, which is absorbed by the conveyor belt and dissipates during operation.


Description High speed
fast track belt
High speed
Moisture Absorption Belt
High speed Silencing Belt Towing and Palletizing Belt Honeycomb Cardboard
Conveyor Belt
Raw material 100% synthetic fiber 100% synthetic fiber 100% synthetic fiber 100% synthetic fiber 100% synthetic fiber
Thickness 8.5-9mm±0.3mm 9mm±0.3mm 9-10mm±0.3mm 5.5mm±0.2mm 6-8mm±0.2mm
Width 2200mm-3000mm 1600mm-2800mm 1400mm-2600mm 100mm-2500mm 1200mm-2500mm
160ºC200ºC254ºC 160ºC200ºC254ºC 160ºC200ºC254ºC 160ºC200ºC254ºC 160ºC200ºC254ºC
Unit weight 7.3±0.3kg/m2 7.2±0.3kg/m2 7.5±0.3kg/m2 4.3±0.2kg/m2 4.5-7.0±0.2kg/m2
Air permeability 2.26m3/m2.min 2.1m3/m2.min 1.95m3/m2.min 1.82m3/m2.min 1.57m3/m2.min
Coefficient of
≥0.43μ ≥0.43μ ≥0.42μ ≥0.38μ ≥0.38μ
Minimum Turning
R70 R70 R70 R20 R20-R50
Speed of conveyor
300m/min 240m/min 200m/min 150m/min
Notes: a) Temperature for long-time operation b) temperature for instantaneous operation c) Melting point

Our Product Features

  • Good air permeability.
  • Water absorption.
  • Wearable.
  • Geometric stability.
  • No shrinkage.
  • Long lifetime: 750 working days or 45 million meters carton board.
  • High speed corrugator belt with Kevlar: Yellow color, both side add 15cm – 30cm. The purpose is to increase the performance of anti-high temperature and increase service life.

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