• Capacity: 2000 pcs per day
  • Finish Treatment: Singeing, Calendering, Heat Setting, Anti-static, Water&Oil Repellent, PTFE Membrane, PTFE Impregnation and so on special treatment can be chosen.
  • Customization Accepted.
  • Filtration Type: Outside-Filtration
  • Application: Asphalt Plant, Cement Plant Kiln And Clinker, Steel Plant and other high temperature flue gas filtration industries.


About Aramid Filter Bags

Aramid, also known as Nomex©, is widely used in high-temperature applications because of its excellent resistance to abrasion and ability to perform at maximum continuous operating temperatures of 204°C. The aramid filter bag is a high-temperature filter bag used in pulse jet baghouse dust collectors. Compared with the other heat-resisting fabrics, Aramid is cheaper and better. Good performances of intensity. Good abrasion and folding resistance. The acid resistance of our Aramid Filter Bag is good.

Advantages of  Aramid Needle Felt Filter Bags in Filmedia®

  • The base fabric of the aramid needle felt filter bag is selected from high-quality high-strength aramid long fibers to ensure that the filter bag has sufficient mechanical strength, and after pretreatment and heat setting processing, the aramid base fabric is made of stable size and performance .
  • The surface layer of the aramid needle-punched felt filter bag is made of aramid fiber, which is needle-punched with a high-performance aramid base cloth. Aramid fiber has good spinnability, which can significantly improve the composite fastness and overall strength of the filter material.


Heat resistance (℃/℉) up to 240/464
Fabric 100% Nomex/Aramid Needle Felt
Diameter & Length Customized
Area weight (g/m2) 350-700

Physical properties

Air Permeability (L/m2/s @200pa) Tensile Strength (N/5cm) Temperature (℃/℉)
Warp Weft Continue Instant
200-350 800 900 204/399 240/464

Chemical properties

Acid Resistance Alkali Resistance Hydrolytic Resistance Oxidation Resistance Abrasion Resistance
Good Good Good Moderate Excellent

Aramid Fiber Specification

Aramid Fiber Specification
Type A Color white
Danier 22dtex Length 51mm
Quantity 3025.1kgs
Test Items Units Test Results
Max. Min. Ave.
Txtre dtex 2.38 2.33 2.36
Tensile Strength cN/dtex 3.9 3.7 3.8
Elongation % 42.23 38.34 39.91
Staple Length mm 54 48 52
Oil Pick-Up % 0.62 0.54 0.58
Shrikage at 300 % 2.9 1.6 2.2


  • Chemicals processing: dryer baghouses in the pigment, plastic, and catalyst industries.
  • Minerals processing: dryer baghouses in the gypsum industry and clinker cooler baghouses.
  • Metals processing: high temperature process collectors for lead oxide and electric arc furnace baghouses in the steel industry.
  • Power generation and Incineration: fly ash handling collectors.


We Pay Attention to Every Processing Detail:

  • Accurately design the size of the filter cloth required for the filter bag. The filter cloth will be larger than the actual design size to leave enough operating space.
  • Choose the right filter bag accessories and check their quality.
  • We draw, cut and sew the filter bags on an automatic production line. When the filter bag needs to be processed manually, we open it on the operating platform and use a certain pulling force to keep it flat.
  • We maintain strict processing quality standards in accordance with design drawings and operating procedures. Our workers dress in compliance with safe construction requirements and are prohibited from smoking.