Working Temperature: 150℃~260℃
Main Material: Nomex(Aramid), P84, FMS needle felt, Fiberglass woven fabric, etc.
Finish Treatment: Calendering, Heat setting, Singeing, PTFE impregnation, PTFE membrane
Diameter&Length: Customized
Capacity: 2000 pcs per day
Customization Accepted.


Main working conditions and dust collection requirement of clinker cooler:

Dust Collection Type Outer-filtering
Treatment Air Capacity 2500T/D≈330000m3/h, 5000T/D≈670000m3/h
Filtration Velocity ≤1.0m/min
Entrance Dust Density ≤100g/Nm3
Emission Concentration Requirement ≤30g/Nm3
Inlet & Outlet Pressure Differential ≤1500Pa
Working Temperature 180, ≤260
Regular Filter Bag Size Dia. 160X6000-8000mm
Regular Service Life Requirement 2-3 years


Commonly used filter bag fabric chosen of clinker cooler:

  1. Fiberglass Woven Fabric With PTFE Membrane
  2. Nomex (Aramid) Needle Felt
  3. P84 Needle Felt
  4. FMS Needle Felt