Pan Filter is applied to alumina production.
Capacity: in stock
Material: PP
Weaving Methods: Plain, Twill, Satin
Cloth Codes Most Widely Used: ES-P190.



Pan filters with their horizontally arranged filter surface are particularly suited for filter cake washing. Therefore, they are preferably used for the filtration and washing of coarse-grained and rapidly sedimenting suspensions.
Pan filters are available with different pan diameters and filter areas from 16 m² to 68 m².


Alumina Production.

Segment cover:

Technical parameter:

Product Code ES-P190
Material PP
Yarn Type Mono/Mono
Weight 300
Thickness 0.6
Air Permeability 1700±200
Tensile Strength

N/5 X 20cm

Warp 3800
Weft 2000
Finish Treatment Heat setting, Calendaring