This hot welding machine adopts the latest bag body forming mold, which is suitable for the welding of the filter bag body with a diameter of 90-245mm.
This hot welding machine is equipped with the latest stripping machine and film debris collection device, and PTFE membrane filter material can also be welded.

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Basic Parameters

1. Power: 3.5kw.
2. Rated voltage: AC220V, rated frequency: 50~60HZ
3. Dimensions: 1090×990×1475mm
4. Stripping speed: 0~16m/min.
5. Hot melting speed: 0~16m/min.
6. Compressed air pressure: 4~4.5kg/cm2

Main Functions

1. The function of filter material removal and membrane debris collection.
2. Abnormal temperature alarm and stop function.
3. Stepless speed regulation function.
4. Automatic forming and automatic hot welding function.
5. Suitable for 90mm-245mm diameter filter bags.


1. The hot welding machine includes a stripping machine and a film debris collection device, and the coated filter material can be fused.
2. The new fabric forming mold is suitable for the fusion of various specifications of filter bag cylinder body, with good forming effect and stable seam width.
3. With temperature abnormal alarm function, when the temperature is low or over temperature, the equipment automatically stops working.
4. The lower arm roller of the hot welding machine adopts a penetrating structure, which can avoid abnormal adhesion between the welding area and the back barrel.
5. Special control method, no flaws in the start and stop of the hot welding machine, avoiding the waste of filter material caused by stopping halfway.
6. Special heating device, the temperature can reach 700℃, temperature fluctuation is ±2℃.