FILMEDIA® is the one of the few companies in the world that has successfully developed the automatic snap band making machine and has put it onto the market. This machine can automatically feed bands and rivets, cut bands, form rings, rivet rings and send rings out. This machine is a perfect choice if you wish to reduce labor and realize full automization in your factory.

It features high speed, high precision, high stability, easy operation on the touch screen, low energy consumption, etc. In all, there is no better solution if you wish to further increase production capacity and lower production cost!Customization Accept.

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Technology Innovation & Machines Combination

Snap Band Cutting Machine+Snap Band Welding Machine+Riveting

The Advantage of Our Automatic Snap Band Cutting Machine

This machine is a perfect choice for reducing labor and realizing factory automation, which can reduce labor demand in large quantities

  1. High speed
  2. High stability
  3. Touch screen operation, simple and convenient



  1. Power Supply: 220V, 50/60Hz or custom
  2. Power Consumption: 3KVA
  3. Diameter of Snap Rings: standard 100-200mm, 90-300mm can be customized
  4. Width of Snap Band: 19-40mm(e.g. 19, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40mm, etc.)
  5. Rivet Holes Center to Center Distance: 11, 16, 20, 24mm, etc.
  6. Rivet Diameter: 2.9mm capped rivet, hollow or half hollow
  7. Machine Speed: 8 sec per piece (based on rings of 130mm diameter)
  8. Diameter Tolerance: +/-0.2mm
  9. Maximum Cutting Force: 13 Ton
  10. Maximum Riveting Force: 3 Ton
  11. Compressed Air Pressure Required: 0.6-0.8MPa
  12. Compressed Air Consumption: 300L/min
  13. Machine Body Size: 170x120x185cm
  14. Material Stand Size:60x60x80cm
  15. Machine Weight:about 1000kgs

Consumable PartsList


1 Cutter Piece
2 Cutter Pins
3 Riveting Pins
4 Rivet Grippers
5 Band Pulling Hooks


There are total 7 step motors and 1 servo motor on this machine, it’s critical to know the name, the number and the function of each motor.



To achieve a good machine condition, reduce the wear of parts, increase its life span, the machine should be lubricated correctly and sufficiently. For parts that require daily check or maintenance, it should be done every day before the shift starts or at the end of the day after shut off the machine


  1. The parts that require machine oil lubrication are all the guiding poles on the cutting unit and the riveting unit.

Recommended machine oil type is HJ-30 or HJ-40, e.g. Mobil HP461.

2. The parts that require grease are all the sliders and ball screw rods.

Assembly Drawing