Gluing Machine For Filter Bag Head And Bottom

This is the latest gluing machine for filter bag head and bottom developed by our company.
This gluing machine has high gluing efficiency and neat gluing trajectory. With wide range of applications, this machine can be applied to various specifications and materials.
Gluing Speed: 0-15 m/min

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The Advantage of Our Gluing Machine for Filter Bag Head and Bottom

  1. The surface needle holes and the hidden needle holes in the side seams can be separately sealed with glue, and all the needle holes are 100% sealed.
  2. Different width of gluing trajectory are available by selecting different size of gluing nozzle.
  3. Meanwhile, the gluing quantity can be regulated optionally, which greatly reduced the using of glue.


Basic Parameters

  1. Power: 0.2kw.
  2. Rated voltage: AC220V, rated frequency: 50~60HZ.
  3. Dimensions: 940×620×1150mm.
  4. Gluing speed: 0~15m/min.
  5. Compressed air pressure: 4~4.5kg/cm².


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