Dewatering of mineral slurries can be achieved in a number of ways, among which disc filters account for the largest production tonnage. However, today’s high-performance rotary disc filters or hyperbaric rotary disc filters are heavily dependent on the appropriate filter cloth. Cloth solutions are outstanding in terms of cake release and abrasion

Capacity: in stock
Material: PP, PA
Weaving Methods: Plain, Twill, Satin
Cloth Codes Most Widely Used: ES-NTL1311, ES-NXM, ES-750B, ES- YLJ-S, ES-YLJ-T40.



Cake forming takes place on the discs when they rotate through the slurry.
Solids discharge: As the disc filter rotates, the cake is dried by removing the liquid and is discharged from the cloth at the end of this zone by means of compressed air. The cake then drops into the discharge chute.



For the rotary disc filter which is widely used in mineral processing, tailings processing, alumina oxide, sewage treatment.


Filter cloth selection:

NTL1311 fabric texture has elastic and groove structure.

  • NTL1311 groove structure increase surface friction can capture more solid.
  • The groove structure has a guided liquid function, can extremely dry cake.
  • Elastic can lead groove structure open in positive pressure, benefit to release cakes.


Technical parameter:

Product Code Material Yarn Type Weight (g/m²) Thickness (mm) Air Permeability

(L/m²/S @200pa)

ES-NTL1311 PA Multi/Multi 480 1.62 280
ES-NXM PA Mono/Mono 420 0.6 950
ES-750B PP Multi/Multi 420 0.85 65
ES-YLJ-S PP Mono/Mono 310 0.56 100
ES-YLJ-T40 PP Mono/Mono 330 0.52 40