This product is a small slitting machine dedicated to snap band groove strips, with various widths adjustable, high slitting efficiency and low failure rate.

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The Advantage of Our Fabric Strip Slitting Machine

  1. This small fabric strip slitting machine substantially saves the underutilized fabric to automatically slitting the fabric from 20mm to 350mm width.
  2. The slitting speed is about 5m/min and 15 fabric strips can be cut at same time without manually fabric feeding.
  3. This machine has the properties of high efficiency and durability.
  4. The consistency of fabric strip width make sure the sewing quality of snap band groove.

Basic Parameters

1. Power: 1.2kw.
2. Rated voltage: AC380V, rated frequency: 50~60HZ.
3. Dimensions: 1500X1250X900mm.
4. Slitting speed: 0~10m/min.
5. Max. Slitting width: 520mm.
6. Seven pieces small fabric can be slit at the same time.
7. The machine is equipped with 8 tungsten steel blades.

Additional information