As for filter bag head and bottom sealing machine, it has the characteristic of high temperature hot air, fast running speed, automatic positioning device and accurate PTFE tape pasting.
Max. Speed pt PTFE tape pasting: 15m/min
Particularly, this machine can be also used for sealing filter bag tube.

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The Advantage of Our PTFE Tape Sealing Machine for Filter Bag Head and Bottom

  1. The long arm design is convenient for the operation of pasting PTFE tape on the bottom of the long filter bag.
  2. Unique positioning device, precise film position.
  3. With flexible rubber wheels, the edges can be tightly fitted.
  4. The automatic tape cutting function improves the filming efficiency.
  5. The guide wheel has its own eject function to prevent the tape from wrapping around the rubber wheel.
  6. Special heating device, the temperature can reach 700℃, the temperature fluctuates ±2℃, suitable for pure PTFE filter bag film sealing.
  7. Special temperature control module, the temperature will not exceed the allowable range of the set value to protect the heating tube
  8. Humanized operation panel, programmable parameter settings, simplifying the adjustment of the machine.


Basic Parameters

  1. Power: 3.5kw.
  2. Rated voltage: AC220V, rated frequency: 50~60HZ
  3. Dimensions: 1350×600×1530mm
  4. PTFE tape pasting speed: 0~15m/min.
  5. Compressed air pressure: 4~4.5kg/cm².