Nomex/Aramid needle punched felt is one of the most common materials used to make filter bags. And it is not flammable nor ignition, suitable for high temperature environment.

Nomex/Aramid Properties

Material Working Instant Temperature Abrasion Resistance Hydrolysis Resistance Acid Resistance Alkali Resistance Oxidation Resistance
Aramid Needle Felt 204℃ 220℃ Good Middle Middle Good Middle



For polyester needle punched felt, we can treat it with different post-processing according to different working conditions. There are mainly the following post-processing treatments:

  1. Anti-Static (line type, cross line type, blend type)
  2. Water&OilRepellent
  3. PTFE Membrane
  4. PTFE Impregnation

Shapes and Types:

Nomex/Aramid needle felt can be made into different types of filter bags, which can be mainly divided into the following three types according to different shapes:

  1. Roundtype
  2. Flat type
  3. Star/pleated type


Filter bags made of Nomex/Aramid needle punched felt are widely used in many industries:

  1. Cement Plant (kiln & clinker)
  2. Iron&Steel Plant
  3. Power Plant
  4. Asphalt Plant…