Customized air slide hose

Our Air slide hose, one side air permeable while other side PU-coated, has good abrasion resistance and long service life and is all synthetic ,lightweight with minimum maintenance, which can be applied to aeration of bulk and granular in silos and silo wagons. Air slide hose is designed to aid the discharge of bulk powders from storage silos, from road & rail tankers and fly ash bulkers. It is mainly used in cement tanker and cent silo, which also be called bulk cement hose, air slide hose, air slide cement hose, air slide hose for cement.
Our capacity:2000 m² a day.
Thickness: 4-10mm.
Width: can be customized.
We also accept other customized order.

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Our air slide hose are usually used for bulk cement trailer discharging. It always working on the bottom of the trailer. Through inflation by air compressor, it makes the bulk cement discharging from the trailer. Some people called Aeration hose. It is really very similar as Fire hose frame. But it’s much more strength and impact toughness than fire hose. One side of our hose is the PU coating. It is for block off the air flow.

Technical parameter

Material Polyester
The Using Low Temperature >-30ºC
The Using High Temperature <160℃
Instant high temperature 200℃


1.One side air permeable and other side PU-coated
2.Good abrasion resistance and long service life
3.All synthetic, lightweight and flexible, easy to coil
4.Ageing and ozone resistant
5.Weather resistant with minimum maintenance


One side air permeable,other side PU-coated.Good abrasion resistance and long service life all synthetic,lightweight and flexible,easy to coil ageing and ozone resistant – weather resistant minimum maintenance.


Our products can be applied to aeration of bulk powders and granular in silos and silo wagons. airslide hose-1 airslide hose-3
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