Automatic Sewing Machine Line for produce Filter bag body(Sewing filter tube)

Our capacity is approximately 1000 bags in 1 shift (8 hours, 500 meter/hour). Sewing is 50 % of this speed.
Our control system is PLC system, the range of the bag diameter is 120 mm-200 mm.
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Optional model:

1.(JUKI–MS35800 )automatic sewing line FM-LDZ-16-A
2.(JUKI–1261 )automatic sewing line FM-LDZ-16-B
3.Demestic automatic sewing line FM-LDZ-16-C
4.(JUKI–MS35800 )semi automatic sewing line FM-SDZ-6-35800
5.(JUKI–1261 )semi automatic sewing line FM-SDZ-6-1261
6.Demestic semi automatic sewing line FM-SDZ-6-T991B

Sewing filter tube processing:

1. Before starting, please firstly check whether the rated input electric currant and voltage match parameters required of the machine. The standard configuration electric current of the machine is 15A and the standard wiring method is triphase four-wire system, which are triphase L1一(Ay phase, L2—fig] phase and L3—(C) phase- And four-wire refers to three lines and an N line( referred to the zero line) of the normal electric current through the machine, which does not include the normal operating electric current PP line ground line)

2. Whether the power switch is turned on before checking compressed air, the air ,filter regulator combine#ion on the table has reached the specified pressure (0.5MPa—0.7MPa) and there is water in the filter cup or not(Moisture in tom- pressed air can damage the cylinder or reduce cylinder’s life)

3. When non一continuous use, before starting please check the machine of the main power cables exposed, trachea, trip switches etc. to see whether they have detachment or breakage.

4. When non-continuous use, before starting please check each operation switches and knobs to see whether they can work and have a w.II flexibility, whether these is some change in the parameters of the inverter and electro-optical positioning meets the production needs or not.

5. Please do daily oiling to all functioning parts of the sewing machine before operating it. The main wear parts ailing once every two hours and sewing machine oil tank filled once every two weeks.

6. The machine’s control system is controlled by PLC+Inverter+Touch Screen+Laser Sensor. In a particular environment, such as temperature is too low}below 10 degrees Celsius) or air is too wet, there will be electronic condensation in the machine,so please preheat it for 20-30 minutes.

7. Please check whether the fabric matches sewing thread. Using polyester filament yarn when the machine requires low temperature. When sewing high temperature fabric, the high temperature yarn requires fewer joint or no joint.

8. In order to prolong machine’s life, please don’t use it before running it at a low speed for 5-14 minutes each time, reacceleration in normal operation conditions under well-ailed. if finding any unusual, stag the machine immediately and check it. Before troubleshooting, please do not start the machine.

9. Please select sewing machine needles which are suitable for the machine, The machine used DP17T-Vx5 needles etc. 10. Before staffing the machine, you must open the needle cooling device

Case of Automatic Sewing Machine(Sewing filter tube):

Dozens of customers’ feedback said: The production efficiency has improved sharply. According to the results of our monitor, Our Automatic Sewing Machine can produce 350 m bag body per hour. The Production efficiency is improved by more than 300%.


One of our clients in Vietnam, produced hand-made filter bag until 2012. There were 5 workers in one group. They produced 1200 pcs filter bags in 3 days. In 2013, they imported our equipment – the whole produce line. Now they Reduce the number of their group member into 4 workers, they produce 1500 pcs filter bags in 1 day.

The advantage of Our Automatic Sewing Machine:

1. Improved the final products’ appearance. The seam that made by machine is very straight. Much more better than hand-made seam. Crooked seam could caused the installation procedure problems. It will impact the useful life eventually.
2. Lowered the cost and improve the efficiency. For produce same quantity filter bag, the labor cost reduced 25%, the time cost reduced 67%;
3. We developed the Digital control panel. It’s easy to study how to operate the machine.

Feeding part of automatic filter tube sewing production line:

Dimensions 1.40m×1.10m×1.20m
Maximum Roll width 1.1 m
Rubber roller diameter 10cm


Automatic sewing part:

1. Height:1.8 m (including sewing thread cone frame ), Width: 0.6 m, Length: 1 m
2. Sewing machine: Juki-1261 3-needles heavy duty sewing machine
3. Filter tube Guidance diameter: 12cm-30cm ( to order)
4. Sewing speed: 10-15 m/min ( Encoder control, servo motor, speed adjustable)

Filter tube storage part of automatic sewing production line:

Dimensions 1.8m×0.7m×2.5m
Filter Tube Storage Length More Than 10 m


Set length cutting part of automatic filter tube sewing production line:

Dimensions 9m×1.2m×1.2m
Maximum filter tube length 9.5 m ( to order )
Set length precision within 0.2mm


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