Heat-resistance Needle Felts

Nomex Filter Bag for cement plant produced by our company has good performance of intensity, good abrasion and folding resistance. We produce 2000 per day and accept customization.
Our capacity: 2000m per day
Optional fabric: PTFE, P84, PPS, Aramid, Fiberglass; and fiber blending;
Heat-resistance: Max. Temp. 500℃
Optional process: Sewing or hot sealing
Size: Accept customization.

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The features of the 6 needle felts are different. We suggest you can choose products base on your working conditions. We also support various surface treatments to meet your needs.
P.S. The Teflon and Nomex is the registered trademark belongs to DuPont.
Comparison of these fabrics
1. Heat-resistance:

Fabric PTFE P84 PPS Aramid Fiberglass Blending fiberglass
Max. operating temperature 260℃ (500℉) 260℃ (500℉) 190℃ (374℉) 204℃ (400℉) 240℃  (464℉) 240℃  (464℉)
Ultimate temperature (transient) 280℃ (536℉) 280℃ (536℉) 220℃ (428℉) 220℃ (428℉) 280℃  (536℉) 280℃  (536℉)

2. Acid and Alkali resistance:

Fabric PTFE P84 PPS Aramid Fiberglass Blending fiberglass
Acid resistance Excellent Excellent Good Good Excellent Excellent
Alkali resistance Excellent Excellent Excellent Good Excellent Excellent

3. Hydrolytic and Oxidation resistance:

Fabric PTFE P84 PPS Aramid Fiberglass Blending fiberglass
Hydrolytic resistance Excellent Excellent Middle Middle Good Good
Oxidation resistance Excellent Middle Excellent Middle Good Good

4. Comparison of cost PTFE > P84 > PPS > Aramid > Blending fiberglass > Fiberglass

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