• Filtration Velocity: Up to 1.0 m/min.
  • Temperature-Resistance: Max. Temp. 280℃.
  • Finish-treatment: Calendering, Heat setting, Singeing.
  • Long Working Life: More than 4500 hours.
  • Supply Ability: 5000 m²/day.


FMS needle felt has the characteristics of high strength, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and bending resistance. After different surface chemical treatments and post-finishing technologies, it also has the functions of easy dust removal, water and oil repellency, it is dimensionally stable, high strength and cheaper than other chemical fibers.

Features of FMS needle felt

  • Can withstand higher temperatures. Under normal circumstances, the operating temperature can be controlled at 260℃-300℃, and some varieties can withstand high temperatures of 350℃ instantly.
  • It can bear high filtration load, and the gas filtration load can reach 60-90m3/㎡ hour.
  • It has very low operating resistance and is more adaptable to changes in blast furnace fan air volume.
  • The filtration efficiency is high, and the dust content of the purified and filtered gas is generally less than 3-5mg/nm3.
  • It has a long service life and is much more cost-effective than glass fiber needle felt filter media. Its cost is about 10-20% higher than that of glass fiber needle felt, but its service life is more than twice as long under similar working conditions.
  • FMS needle felt has excellent anti-acid and anti-alkali performance, using Fiberglass compound staple fiber, P84fiber, Nomex fiber, enabling it to last more than 4500 hours.

Physical Properties and Chemical Properties

Product Name FMS needle felt 850g/m²
Product Code ES-FMS850TFI
Physical properties
Fiber Mixed fiber
Scrim fiberglass yarn
Weight g/m² 850
Thickness mm 2,4
Width m ≤2.2
Finish treatment PTFE impregnation
Air permeability l / m2 / s @200pa 200 ~ 300
Tensile strength Warp (N/5×20cm) 1300
Weft(N/5×20cm) 1500
Tensile elongation Warp  (%) 8
Weft  (%) 8
Continue temperature 240
Instant temperature 280
Chemical Properties
Anti-acid Good
Anti-alkali Good
Anti-abrasion Good
Hydrolysis stability Middle

Advantages of Filmia® FMS Needle Felt

  • Excellent temperature resistance.
  • Wear resistance, bending resistance and folding resistance are even better.
  • Mechanical strength is significantly improved.
  • The initial resistance and running resistance are reduced.
  • Filtration efficiency is improved.
  • Filtration wind speed increases.
  • The service life is significantly improved.
  • Improved adaptability to dust.

Application industry

  • Copper and iron (high furnace gas, electric furnace, converter, sintering workshop).
  • Metallurgy (copper, zinc and aluminum).
  • Carbon black.
  • Cement (kiln, mill, vertical window, packaging workshop).
  • ferroalloy.
  • Carbide stove.
  • Power plant coal-fired boiler.
  • Waste incinerator (clean waste, industrial waste, medical waste).
  • Asphalt mixing.
  • Others (pesticides, dyes, lime kilns, titanium dioxide, asbestos).

Application of FMS in blast furnace gas purification process

FMS filter material can withstand high wind speeds, that is, high filtration loads. It has been used in the gas dust removal bags of large blast furnaces in the full dry process, saving a lot of costs and creating huge economic benefits. The service life of FMS filter bags can be extended to more than two years, which can significantly reduce production costs.