Fiberglass filter cloth

Filmedia® fiberglass filter cloth is widely used for industrial dust collection because of its high covering capacity , good air permeability and high higher filtration efficiency. Woven fiberglass is great fabric for RABH filter bag, heat-resistance.
Capacity:2000 m² per day.
FAW: 200-850 gsm and other customized weight.
Weave: plain, twill, satin.


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Specifications of Fiberglass Filter Cloth

Weight: 350~900 g/m2
Thickness: 0.3~0.9mm
Air permeability: can be customized.
Operating temperature: 280℃
Instant: 300℃


Fiberglass filter cloth has high covering capacity and good air permeability,thus providing higher filtration efficiency,lower filtration resistance.


Widely used in industry of carbon black, steel and non-ferrous metal processing, cement industry, chemical plant, power plant, etc, for dust collection, air filtration.


According to the weaving method:
1. Flat Fiberglass Filter Cloth
2.Textured Fiberglass Filter Cloth

According to the yarn type:
1. Continuous yarn fiberglass filter cloth
2. Bulk yarns fiberglass filter cloth

Flat Fiberglass Filter Cloth compared with Textured Fiberglass Filter Cloth

Flat fiberglass’s wearability, fastness is higher than the textured. While its elasticity, tenderness, glossiness is lower than the textured. Despite the differences, they share the same price. 平纹和斜纹对比图

Continuous yarn filter cloth compared with bulk yarn fiberglass filter cloth

Bulk yarn fiberglass filter cloth is weaved by fluffy yarn, which is more permeable than the continuous yarn. Besides, it improves the de-dust efficiency which can up to more than 99.5% and the filtration speed can up to 0.6-0.8m/min. The price of bulk yarn fiberglass is higher than continuous yarn fiberglass filter cloth.

Properties of Flat Fiberglass Filter Cloth

Type CWF450 CWF550 EWF450 EWF550 EWF750
Weight (g/m2 ) 450 550 450 550 750
Tensile strength (N/25mm) warp >1700 >1700 >1900 >2400 >2900
weft >1200 >1700 >2000 >2500 >3700
Permeability(cm/s) 25~50 25~50 20~40 20~40 25~45
Service temperature(℃) ≤260 ≤260 ≤280 ≤280 ≤280
Remark Description include PSI FCA RH BI ST,width range 400-1000mm, filter bag diameter rangeΦ120-300mm

Properties of Textured Fiberglass Filter Cloth

Type EWTF450 EWTF550 EWTF800 CWTF450 CWTF550
Weight (g/m2 ) 450 550 800 450 550
Tensile strength (N/25mm) warp >1750 >2200 >2400 >1700 >1700
weft >1000 >1500 >2100 >1900 >1200
Permeability(cm/s) 20~55 15~35 10~30 20~40 20~40
Service temperature(℃) ≤280 ≤260
Recommended  air flow(m/min) <0.5 <0.7 <0.5
Remark Description include PSI、 FCA、 RH、 BI 、ST,width range 400-1000mm,filter bag diameter rangeΦ120-300mm

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