Polyester Air Slide Fabric, belt

Filmedia®. we produce the air slide fabric for conveyance of dry bulk powders, we accept customization for your machine.First grade quality and competitive price to let our products share a good reputation all over the world. We also accept .
Capacity: 500 ㎡/ mouth.
Max Width: 2.6 m.
Thickness: 4~10 mm.
Heat-resistant: 160 ℃ ~ 200 ℃.

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Specification sheet of  polyester Airslide Fabric:

Product Name PE Air slide Fabric
Thickness( mm ) 4 ~ 10
Gram Weight( gsm ) 3200 -7600
Air permeability( L/m2.s ) 65 ~ 100

(Strength: 2000 N / 2 cm )

Warp 1.4 ~ 2.5 %
Weft 0.65 ~ 1.2 %
Max. Operating Temp. 160 ℃ ( 320 ℉)
Ultimate Temp.( Instant ) 200 ℃ ( 392 ℉)
Number of plies 5

Ps: Tolerance of thickness: +/- 0.3mm , gram weight: +/- 5%, air permeability: +/- 10%.

Air slide Fabrics are air permeable fabrics used in air activated conveyors or bin/silo aerators for the conveyance of dry bulk powders. It is also be called air slide belt, air slide cloth, air slide canvas, air slide membrane. We have the most advanced equipment, same as every other respected competitors. We can produce the best products, same as every other respected competitors. So contact us the get the free sample, our price will surprise you.

We supply two kinds of Airslide Fabric:

Filament Polyester Airslide Fabric Spun Polyester Airslide Fabric
airslide_belt airslide_fabric

Our Airslide Fabric has great performances of tensile strength, air permeability, service life, and heat-resistance. The Airslide Fabric is better than spun cloth in these areas. If you want to know more you can learn these details from our sales manager.

Applications of Airslide Fabric

Our product mainly used in air activated conveyors or bin/silo aerators for the conveyance of dry bulk powders. Cement industry: cement bulk cement trucks,boats; Mining: alumina,lime,fly ash,phosphate; Chemical industry: soda; Power: fly ash, desulfurization; Food industry: flour. More information about application, please clickhere!

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