In the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, there are powders , because of their high value , are recycled in the production process . Recycling , it must be ensured while the products are free of foreign substances and the strict legal requirements remain as to the purity of the product . All these filter media demands perfectly adapted to the personal needs of the dust collector to meet the highest standards of filtration efficiency and product purity . TYPICAL OPERATING CONDITIONS: Continue Temperature: 20°C-250°C Peak (°C)  Orientation to the maximum peak temperature of the fibre polymers used Dust: Cosmetics, fertiliser, detergents, pharmaceuticals, pigments Dust Properties:Abrasive, chemically aggressive, explosive, fine, coarse, sticky Dust Source: Dryer, mills, mixers Harmful Gases: H2O, NOx, volatile chemical substances Cleaning Process: Pulse jet Fuels:Natural gas, oil SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS FOR FILTER MEDIA IN THE CHEMICAL AND PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY: Discharge of electrostatic charges High abrasion resistance High separation efficiency Good chemical resistance More applications please check Industrial filter bag application !

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