Several important factors affecting the life of the filter bag

1. cleaning mode ( RABH style live longer than pulsed ) 2. filtration velocity ( filtration velocity is higher, the shorter the life of the filter bag ) 3. The structure and design as precipitator including the separation distance , bag and the bag and the bag wall between between the inlet and outlet location baffle installation. 4. The nature of the flue gas produced by coal quality and boiler water , sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides , oxygen content , the higher the more significant impact on the life of the bag ) 5. The flue gas temperature ( flue gas temperature exceeds 170 ℃ or more, have a significant impact on the life of the bag , the general principle is that the higher the temperature , the shorter the life , because flue gas temperature accelerates the ability to respond to chemical substances ) 6. The dew point temperature and critical temperature ( the ideal state is in the 4 -year life of the flue gas temperature consistent balanced , less volatile . Have electronic control measures to prevent the low or high temperature flue gas into contact with the bag .)

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