Several characteristics of the fiber filter media and the general classification of the relevant interpretation of the term

1. Thermoplastic fibers : It refers to the melting point of the meltable fibers. Thermoplastic fibers include polyester , polypropylene, polyethylene , acrylic , polyphenylene sulfide PPS, glass fiber and PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene ) ,. These fibers can achieve a good post- processing effects . 2.Non-thermoplastic fibers : NOMEX ( meta- aromatic polyamide fibers ) , aramid , of P84 ( polyimide ) , which is non-fusible , it can not be treated by conventional calendering , but may singe . 3.Antistatic fiber : Stainless steel and carbon fiber or other static elements mixed with the fibers to help reduce the risk of static accumulation. In the bag filter explosive used this occasion antistatic fibers. 4.Condensation -type synthetic fibers : A major cause of the destruction of the bag is a hydrolysis reaction . Definition of hydrolysis are water molecules bond to intervene fiber polymer decomposition caused by a chemical process . Polycondensation type polymer producer of synthetic fibers is intolerant hydrolysis . These condensation type polymers include : polyester, nylon , polyimide (P84), NOMEX . High temperature , humidity and chemicals, these three factors must be present to activate hydrolysis. Polyacrylonitrile homopolymer , PPS fibers , PTFE fibers are not produced in the condensation -type polymers, often chosen to replace hydrolytic question fibers. Nomex hydrolysis at temperatures above 1350C , with a PPS fiber instead. Polyester filter at temperatures below 1200C or less hydrolyzed polyacrylonitrile are commonly used to replace , which we call ” Acrylic” filter.

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