This product can absorb up to 200 times its own weight in demineralised water and 60 times its own weight in saline at an extremely fast rate. Available in fibrous form, or integrated within a nonwoven fabric or spun yarn,  super absorbent solution to meet all of your water absorption needs.


Useful facts

  • Available in a wide range of highly absorbent grades
  • A non-irritant
  • Can be used in applications demanding robust toxicological profiling
  • FDA approved
  • Does not melt. It begins to decompose extremely slowly at temperatures >200°C
  • Fibre density is approximately 1.4g/ml
  • Can be blended with a range of synthetic and natural fibers to meet customers end requirements.

Main Products Specification

Short staple products (for direct dosing and air-laid processing)

Long staple products (for dry-laid nonwovens and yarns)



Medical super absorbent dressings are designed to present correct moisture conditions around wounds without resulting in actual wetting. The fabric allows for the rapid uptake and retention of exudates from the infected area. As a result, this helps promote an optimum healing environment and limits further bacterial growth. Such medical superabsorbents can aid recovery, especially when used in the treatment of wounds with high exudates.

Our product has been extensively developed for use in such applications and we are already actively working with customers creating bespoke fabric and yarn solutions for the effective management of chronic wounds and burns.

Super absorbent can be integrated into a wide range of nonwoven fabrics and woven constructs that can be used as both temporary and long-term water management solutions in many different horticultural and landscaping applications. Such fabrics are designed to achieve storage and delivery of water and nutrients to root systems, while significantly reducing evaporative loss and water seepage. They can be used in a wide range of applications from hanging basket liners (Basket Boosters™) to large commercial growing scale and landcsaping projects. Super absorbent can also be added directly to the soil media to enhance water containment.

Cables that suffer damage can start to take on water. If Super absorbent tape or superabsorbent water-blocking yarn is incorporated into the cable during manufacture, it will rapidly absorb the liquid at the point of damage and swell to form a gel, blocking any further water ingress. Any resulting cable disruption is then minimal, fully contained and easy to locate and repair.

A significant reason for the majority of oil and fuel system failures is the presence of water at high levels. Super absorbent fabrics offer high water absorbing capabilities for oil/fuel purfication with minimal media migration or linting. In addition, the Super absorbent component provides an antimicrobial function, it does not affect oil additives and offers full compliance to meet stringent international filtration standards.

Super absorbent nonwovens fabrics provide superior fluid absorption, and low re-wet performance in disposable ultra-thin femme-hygiene, diaper and incontinence products. Washable fabrics have also been developed based on our same super absorbent technology and offer a new dimension to super absorbent use within hygiene applications.
6.Food Packaging

Absorbent fabrics often sit beneath the product on a food tray, and provide a highly efficient way of keeping meat, fish, poultry and a whole range of other perishable foodstuffs packaged in optimised conditions and ultimately fresher for longer.

Our fibre can be precisely tailored into a diverse range of fabric formats that can manage moisture, and as a result increase wearer comfort. Solutions that can be worn next to skin or over outer clothing have already been developed and are based on cooling through evaporation of absorbed water, or cooling through absorption of body perspiration.