PTFE Filter Bag

As a high-grade product, PTFE filter bag has perfect filtration performance during water pre-treatment and post-treatment.Well knowed as the updated version of PTFE, ePTFE is also available.
Monthly productivity reaches 20,000pcs, various size available, filtration accuracy precisied to better or equal 30 mg/m³.
Finish-treatment: Calendering, Heat setting, Singeing
Customization Accepted.

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Specification of PTFE Filter Bag:

Heat resistance up to 300℃
Fabric 100% PTFE fiber
Length & diameter No limited
Area weight (g/m²) 700~800
Working lifetime 12000 hours and more
MOQ 50pcs

Features of PTFE Filter Bag:

1. Excellent temperature resistance: up to 300℃ (572℉)
2. Extremely long working life. Service life can reach 6 years at the temperature 66℃~204℃ and normal working conditions.
3. Excellent performance of anti-acid and anti-alkali resistance
4. Excellent filter efficiency
5. Good performances of hydrolysis stability and flame retardant
6. Suitable using on various power plant boiler and waste incineration boiler. The weakness is poor folding property and higher price.

Surface Treatment of PTFE Filter Bag:

There are 2 kinds of treatment : “PTFE film” and “PTFE dipping”
PTFE film: Improve filtration precision: ≤10mg/m³, but lower the filtration efficiency; and a substantial increase in acid-base resistance property
PTFE dipping: Improve filtration precision: ≤25mg/m³, does not lower the filtration efficiency; and a small increase in acid-base resistance property

Physical properties:

Air permeability(L/m².s) @200pa Tensile strength(N/5 cm) Temperature(℃ / ℉)
warp weft Operating Ultimate
100~200 1000 1100 260 / 500 300 / 572

Chemical properties:

Acid Resistance Alkali Resistance Hydrolytic Resistance Oxidation Resistance Abrasion resistance
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Moderate


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