Fiberglass Woven Cloth with Finished Fabric

Filmedia®  Everspring  is specializing in filtration solutions, this coated fiberglass woven cloth is our new developed products. It is high temperature resistance and anti- acid.
1. Our Capacity: 20000 m² per day.
2. The fabric will be produced by your requirements.
3. Weight: 100-1200 gsm.
4. Thickness: 0.5mm – 20mm.
5. We provide free sample for you for testing.

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Fiberglass  filter material is coated on the surface through a special process recipe treated glass fiber fabric composite microporous expanded PTFE film made, which focused on the high-strength glass fiber and low elongation , high temperature resistance, smooth surface corrosion, etc. And PTFE films , water-repellent , breathable, good chemical stability and good characteristics.


 Types Finish Loss on Lgnition Weight Thread Count Tensile Strength Air Permeability
min (g/m2) p/inch Kg/inch (cfm)
Warp Fill Warp Fill
ES800 P(PTFE) 10 805 48 40 >220 >220 25-55
ES500 P(PTFE) 10 510 48 24 >220 >110 30-65
ES450 P(PTFE) 10 475 44 24 >200 >110 30-65
ES380 P(PTFE) 10 345 54 30 >120 >100 30-65
ES900 B(Triple) 1.8 850 48 48 >250 >250 20-40
ES800 B(Triple) 1.8 740 48 40 >150 >100 25-55
ES500 B(Triple) 1.8 470 48 24 >180 >80 30-65
ES450 B(Triple) 1.8 435 44 24 >180 >90 40-75
ES380 B(Triple) 1.8 320 54 30 >110 >60 30-70
ES800 AR(Acid Resistance) 4 760 48 40 >220 >200 25-55
ES450 AR(Acid Resistance) 4 450 44 24 >180 >90 40-75
ES380 AR(Acid Resistance) 4 325 54 30 >115 >70 30-65


  • High temperature Due to the stability of fiberglass materials , fiberglass filter bag can be used continuously at 260 ℃ mining
  •  Resistance to corrosion Glass fiber filter can be used normally ( except hydrofluoric acid and concentrated phosphoric acid ) in acidic and alkaline mining in
  •  Water Solutions Glass fiber filter has a strong hydrolysis resistance , can be used normally at a relative humidity of 95% mining
  • The high strength In the absence of fiberglass woven through the fabric of the destruction of the needling process , the strength is much higher than the fiber filter media and composite
  •  Antioxidant PPS filter compared to the situation in the coal-fired boiler precipitator easily oxidized , glass fiber material with strong antioxidant properties
  • The cleaning effect is significant Glass fiber membrane filter media has a good waterproof , anti- oil properties , the relative humidity near saturation can easily shake off the dust
  • Dimensionally stable Glass fiber membrane filter media for high temperature dust filtration , but not because of high temperature deformation , elongation ≤2%
  •  High efficiency Using PTFE coated glass fiber filter, since the pore size of the film is extremely small, collection efficiency up to 99.999%
  • Long life Retroperitoneal fiberglass filter , reducing the accumulation of surface dust and prolong the service life
  •  Cost-effective Superior performance glass fiber filter , glass fiber filter materials are cheap relative to other prices


1.Acid Test Method T1 2.Tear Strength Test T2 3.Microscope Blow up Strength T3


Fiberglass coated fiberglass filter media as an upgrade replacement products, almost ordinary glass fiber filter can be applied to the case , replace glass fiber membrane filter media can be applied. The following is advice for how to choose filter media, if you are interested, please click more3.

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