How to Easily Avoid Filter Installation Problems

The following list is a brief set of easily removable installation conditions that could cause problems during the installation of the filter: 1.Low pressure in the system Everspring recommends a minimum of 30 psi pressure in the system to ensure adequate cleaning. This pressure may be required to be higher when the process has a high viscosity liquid or are sticky solids. Stealth Purge with optional external flush water is an alternative solution which is not dependent on the system pressure. 2.Purge line water supply, sewerage A common mistake when installing mechanically cleaned filters correctly plumbing purge line. The best situation is to purge the line to make it short in length, placing it on a slope down from the filter and drain it into the tank for collection. Since typical purge operation in less than 1 second in duration, there is very little flow in the purge line due to the pressure in the system. If the line goes up the hill, the solid particles will collect in a line, and never wash off. Furthermore, the water level in the purge line header may be required if the purged materials are particularly challenging. 3.Check valves on the filter Outlet Plumbing Starting in the exhaust line head high long runs (for example, in the mountain) is a rare but potentially devastating situation. When cleansing filter that the situation of water hammer can occur when the flow reverses from the output side of the filter. At worst, this may lead to the collapse of the elements. Nevertheless, this situation is easily prevented by placing a check valve to flow from the filter outlet line. Filter placement around the pump Since the Everspring filters pressure filters, they should always be placed on the discharge side of the pump. Placing the filter on the suction side of the pump can lead to erratic operation or damage to the filter elements. Pressure on the output lines House of Sagittarius filters will always work better when there is some pressure on the outlet of the filter. The worst scenario for the performance of the filter when the output is directly in the atmospheric reservoir. For this reason, we recommend the installation of a flow control valve or orifice at the outlet of the filter header. By providing a small amount of back pressure, the system will run much more smoothly and avoid pressure blindness. Rinse the filter media When you exit the backwash your filter line runs to the atmospheric tank, Everspring recommends using the size of the flow opening to prevent excessive pressure drop across the filter media during the backwash operation. This prolongs the life of the filter material. External Backwash Fluid a liquid source is used for external back washing of filters must be clean systems – and have a particle size smaller than the nominal retention of filter elements in the system. If these conditions are not met, the backwash process can actually be connected instead of cleaning elements.

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