“Paste Bag”: Common Disease of Dust Removal Bag——One of the failure analysis of dust removal bag
Aiming at the phenomenon of “paste bag” that often occurs in the operation of dust removal bags, starting from the condition of smoke, dust collector, filter material, operation control and other related factors, we will try to find out the real reason of “paste bag”. Seek ways to avoid “paste bags.”
When the bag is operated in the dust collector, the filter performance is often lost or partially lost for one reason or another, and the actual service life of the bag is greatly shortened as expected, so that the maintenance and operation cost of the factory is greatly increased. “Paste bag” is one of the most typical problems.
“Paste bag” is a phenomenon and a problem in the use of dust removal bag, which is one of the reasons that cause the dust removal bag to lose its effectiveness.
“Paste bag” is in the process of long-term operation or shutdown of dust removal bags, in the working condition where the humidity is high or the oily substance is in contact with the filter material, the dust condenses, adheres or crusts inside the filter surface of the dust removal bag or the filter material and cannot be effectively removed by the online cleaning system, resulting in a significant increase in running resistance.
After the bag is pasted, the dust is densely covered on the surface of the filter bag, so that the effective filtration area of the filter material is greatly reduced, the air permeability of the filter material is drastically decreased, the running resistance becomes high, and the load of the induced draft fan is increased to cause an increase in energy consumption. Seriously, even the induced draft fan can be overwhelmed and unable to operate.

At the same time, the pressure drop of the dust bag is high, so that the online cleaning system is frequently cleaned, which not only consumes a large amount of compressed air, but also cause serious loss of mechanical strength of the filter material, and the service life is greatly shortened. Therefore, if the dust removal bag is always running in the state of paste bag operation, the owner will have to pay higher operating costs for the operation of the system. If the problem of the bag is not solved in time, the owner will have to replace the bag in batches.

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