1. The temperature

When filtered, the low temperature of the suspension, viscosity, slow filtration. The viscosity of the liquid is the exponential function of temperature, which increases with the temperature decreased. Warming is the most simple and effective to reduce the viscosity of the measures, but the temperature is too high, easy to make lipid oxidation, hair oil filter temperature is generally less than 70 degrees.


  1. The operating pressure

Mao impurities in the oil mostly incompressible impurities, powerful operating pressure, the filtration rate is also large. If oil suspended solids by the colloidal material composition, so as to increase the pressure within the gap becomes smaller cake, filtration resistance gradually increased filtration rate decreased rapidly, so the pressure must be determined according to different situations.


  1. Suspension concentration

The concentration of large, multi-residue, so that production of each batch operation cycle effective filtration time is reduced, affecting production. For continuous operation of the vacuum filter, the concentration of large generating cake more evenly, and easy to clean up, little effect on yield.


  1. Filter media and filter aid

Filter media choices affect the filtered oil to clarify the extent and cake discharge is smooth using a filter medium for the oil industry and more organizations like media. Common shares 20 yarn 5-8 canvas, twill and ordinary white cotton muslin and so on. also used 130 #, 240 #, 260 #, 261 # and 828 # polyester cloth vinylon filter cloth and other synthetic products. Number Jingwei shares more for crude oil filter, a small number of shares used oil filters, for some requirements high filtration, to be covered in an outer layer of white cheesecloth or muslin cloth. In addition, they often use stainless steel wire woven mesh, 30-40 pores/cm screen for crude oil filter, 140-180 cells/cm bleached oil filter for filtering.

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