1. The correct installation method of the dust bag

(1) Installation method of the external filter bag

①The bag mouth and perforated plate are reliably sealed and fixed.

②The filter bag is suspended vertically under the perforated plate.

③ Adjacent filter bags do not collide with each other.

④The filter bag and frame are matched correctly, and the frame is straight without burrs.

(2) Installation method of the inner filter bag

① A bag cap is installed above the filter bag and hung on the beam of the dust collector by a strap device, and the lower end is reliably sealed and fixed with the lower bag.

②The tension of the filter bag installation should be adjusted to a fixed value so that the filter bag will not loosen and fall off when the filter is considered and blown back, and adjust each accessory in the filter bag once again in the first week and the first month of use (prevent Deflated ring) fit correctly, all accessories should not have burrs or breaks.

  1. Reliable and effective cleaning

When the filter bag is in use, the dust area gradually increases and the pressure difference rises. The dust should be effectively isolated to isolate the dust so that the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the filter bag is kept within the set range.

  1. Prevent sudden abnormal situations

When the bag filter is in operation, it should prevent sudden abnormal conditions, such as the sudden increase of gas temperature through the entry of corrosive gas, or the sudden drop of gas temperature below the dew point, etc., subject to temperature, humidity, chemical corrosion, mechanical wear or impact Factors such as ultra-filter bags are damaged.

  1. Equipment maintenance

If the filter bag is damaged, it should be discovered and updated in time. Observe the pressure difference of the bag dust collector. If the cleaning failure occurs, it should be eliminated in time. Whether the cleaning system works normally. If the process conditions of the cleaning system change, the cleaning should be adjusted in time. The working system of the cycle or bag filter.

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