PTFE sewing thread is polytetrafluoroethylene sewing thread. Since polytetrafluoroethylene dispersed resin cannot be melt-processed, it needs to be in cold storage, add additives, push and shape through a mold, and sinter and draw to obtain a circular cross-section yarn. The yarn is twisted, doubled and heat-set to make sewing thread. The colors of our PTFE sewing thread are red, green, yellow, blue, black, grey, purple, brown. Specifications are 1250D, 1350D, 1500D, 1800D, 2000D, 2400D, 3000D.

Main features:

  1. The material is 100% polytetrafluoroethylene.
  2. Chemically inert, so resistant to strong acid and alkali.
  3. Large continuous use temperature range (-190°C-260°C, up to 300°C in an instant).
  4. UV resistance and weather resistance are the unique properties of PTFE. Completely unaffected by the weather.
  5. Not combustible, loi (Limited Oxygen Index) higher than 95%.


  1. Sealed packaging: suitable for compact packaging and excellent sealing.
  2. Automotive interior sutures.
  3. Filtration products: The excellent performance of PTFE makes it an ideal filter medium under strong corrosive conditions. The cross-section of our monofilament yarns is almost circular. Filter fabrics can be woven well and are widely used in filter products.
  4. Textile construction application: PTFE woven textiles are 100% resistant to ultraviolet rays and weather. The light transmittance is as high as 60%, with lotus leaf effect, anti-sewage, and high flexibility at low temperature. Widely used in outdoor tents, sailing ropes, marine boat supplies.
  5. Cable braiding sheath: The outer braiding sheath for coaxial cables can be used as the armor of the outer layer of the cable. Can be customized into different colors of thread. It has the properties of high and low temperature resistance, good weather resistance and seawater corrosion resistance.
  6. Medical and sanitary products: surgical sutures, dental floss, body implants, functional textiles, etc.

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