We use leading technology in the anti-static needle felt and guarantee the stability of our products. Main Anti-static types include blending type, square type and stripe type.

  • Supply Ability: 5000 ㎡/day
  • High Filtration Efficiency: reach to 99.5%
  • Long Working Life: >3000 hours
  • Surface Resistance(Ω.cm): 103-108
  • Anti-static types: Blending type, Square type, Stripe type

Learn About Antistatic Filter Bags


Why Use Antistatic Filter Felts?

Usually, when the concentration of industrial dust reaches a certain level, if it encounters factors such as electrostatic discharge sparks or external ignition, such as flour dust, chemical dust, explosive dust, etc., it will easily lead to explosion and fire. In case of electrostatic discharge, there is a possibility of explosion. sex. If these dusts need to be collected by cloth bags, it is required that the manufactured cloth bags themselves have anti-static function. In addition to the production of ordinary needle-punched felt, the production of anti-static filter materials also requires the incorporation of conductive fiber yarn or chemical fiber mixed with conductive fiber, etc.


Blast furnace gas, coal mill dust collection, cement plant coal mill dust collection and explosion-proof dust collection in other industries.

Main Types of Anti-Static NOMEX Needle Felt

  1. Blending type
  2. Square type
  3. Line type

Note: Various materials of anti-static needle felts you can choose; Accept customization, let us know your requirement !

Features of Aramid Anti-static Needle Felt

  1. Excellent anti-abrasion
  2. Surface resistance(Ω.cm): 103-108
  3. Can be customized
  4. High quality and economical

Our Quality

We have the leading technology in the Anti-static Needle Felt, each material must be experimented thousands of times before being put into production. Through these processes, we guarantee the stability of it, and prolong its service life.

Physical and Chemical Properties of Aramid Needle Felt: (Customization Of Feature And Size)

Product name   Anti-static Aramid needle felt 500 g/m², cross line type
Product Code ES-ASAMD500X
Physical properties
Fiber Aramid staple fiber
Scrim Aramid staple yarn, cross electric yarn
Weight g/m² 500
Thickness mm 2.2
Width m ≤2,2
Finish treatment Singeing, Calendering, Heat setting
Air permeability l / m2 / s @200pa 250
Tensile strength Warp 800
Weft 900
Tensile elongation Warp 20
Weft 30
Continuos temperature 204
Instant temperature 240
Chemical Properties
Anti-acid Good
Anti-alkali Good
Anti-abrasion Excellent
Hydrolysis stability Good